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An Easy To Follow Fridge Interior Cleaning Guide

Do you know that grease, stains, etc. in your fridge interior can severely affect the cooling performance? Therefore, to keep your fridge working properly and to keep the odours away, you will need to routinely clean the fridge interior. However, if you have not cleaned the interior of the fridge for a long time or do not have the necessary experience of carrying out an extensive cleaning, it is better to get the job done by expert repairers. And if you are in Ashfield, you can get several local experts who provide fridge maintenance.

Today, we will be discussing a fridge interior cleaning guide that applies to Westinghouse fridges as well as fridges of other companies. So, now let’s delve into the guide.

  • Remove Odour and Grease Buildup    

Odour and grease both are problematic and can be difficult to remove. But the task is simpler than you think. Our expert repairers suggest that applying a bit of paste wax on the interior surface after cleaning can really help in further buildup of grease and odour. In fact, many professionals use it too in their maintenance service.

  • Remove Dust from Water Pan

Professionals providing Westinghouse fridge repairs suggest that to remove the dust-filled water pan, you will need to take it out first. It is situated in the bottom area of the fridge. You will need to pull it out and remove the accumulated water first. After that, use a clean cloth to remove the dust that has accumulated on the component.

  • Remove the Stains

Eventually, stains will develop in the interior of all fridges, and to remove them you can use toothpaste. Many professionals providing fridge maintenance service still prefer the toothpaste because it is an abrasive which softens the stains and hence removing them becomes easy.

  • Remove the Mould and Mildew

There are artificial cleaning solutions that can remove the mould and mildew in the fridge interior. But some of these solutions can be harmful to health due to the presence of chemicals. So, our fridge repairing professionals recommend mixing ammonia with half a cup of vinegar and baking soda to create the most effective solution to remove the mould and mildew that is entirely chemical-free.

  • Cleaning the Gasket

Though the gasket is not situated in the interior of the fridge, professionals providing fridge repairs recommend cleaning it with the mixture of mild soap and water so that the fridge door can be closed properly. Please note that if your fridge door does not close fully, you might experience issues with interior temperature and accumulation of dust and dirt.

  • Remove Accumulated Ice

To remove the buildup of ice, the best solution is to defrost the fridge because a large buildup might be difficult to remove otherwise. Yes, the melting of ice will lead to an accumulation of water, but it is a safe solution.

  • Cleaning the Drawers

Cleaning the drawers inside is an important part of fridge interior cleaning. To do that, you will need to remove the drawers first. But make sure you have switched off the fridge. Then, after removing them, use slightly warm water with a mild detergent for cleaning them efficiently.

  • Cleaning the Freezer Area

The freezer area can only be cleaned if there is no ice. So, to clean it, the professionals providing fridge repairs in Ashfield recommend defrosting the appliance to remove the ice. After that, you can use the homemade detergent-based solution to clean the freezer area or use a different cleaning agent that does not contain harmful solutions.

  • Cleaning the Freezer Door

If your Westinghouse fridge or the fridge of a different company has a freezer door, you can use the vinegar and baking soda mixture for the cleaning. Some repairers suggest that you use toothpaste also for removing the stains.

  • Cleaning the Tupperware or Bottles Included in the Fridge   

If your fridge comes with built-in Tupperware or bottles, you will need to clean them too. For this, you will need to take them out first and then clean them with a mild abrasive solution.

Now, this completes our easy to follow fridge interior cleaning guide. You can do these by yourself. Else, as we mentioned earlier, call your friendly professionals to do the job.

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