coolroom repair and maintenance so essential
Why is Coolroom Repair and Maintenance so Essential?

Cool rooms, like the refrigerators, are the cold storage places used to keep perishable items. The storage ensures that the items remain in the best of their form and there is no alteration in the freshness or quality of products. Large restaurants or eateries generally have cool rooms in order to store their edible items.

The demand for coolrooms in Australia is on the rise. The versatility and utility have enabled it to be one of the first choices when it comes to storing items. Like the fridges, cool rooms are also subjected to malfunctioning or general breakdown. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that the technicians play the vital role when it comes to repair and maintenance.

The experts from Commercial Fridge Repairs ascertain onsite repair and maintenance services to their clients for ultimate peace of mind. The following are some of the reasons why cool room repair and maintenance is essential—

1. Prevention of the Growth of Mould
prevention of the growth of mould

One of the most common issues related to the cool rooms is the growth of mould. The formation of mould takes place in those systems that have poorly maintained condensation process. Expert technicians say that the surfaces of the system have the high chances of getting infected by the moulds. These are undesirable as they lead to several health issues.

Only the proper maintenance and a look thorough intervention can resolve the issue. It is, therefore, the technicians from Commercial Fridge Repairs cater to unmatched coolroom repairs. The following are some of the experts’ tips on ensuring that the system maintains healthy moisture content—

  • Removing all the possible moisture containing items from the cool room’s chamber
  • Long-term storage of items/slides for laboratory should be prevented as these are the haven for the growth of the microbes
  • A cool room with a sink needs to be cleaned regularly
  • Preventing storage of paper items as these promote growth of several moulds that rely on cellulose

The experts during the inspection make sure that there are no issues with the condensation process.

2. Condensing Walls
condensing walls

Another common issue with the coolroom is the formation of water droplets on the inner wall surfaces. The experts take all the possible steps to warm up the wall surfaces by adding more insulation. The experts look out for the other ways like ensuring a better airflow in the interior of the cabinet to restrict the water droplet formation.

3. Dripping Ceiling
dripping ceiling

It is a common problem with a majority of the coolrooms. The experienced technicians associated with the Westinghouse fridge repairs say that this problem occurs only when there are inadequate numbers of installed vapour barriers. Apart from this, the other possible reasons are the improper insulation and poor attic ventilation.

Therefore, as a part of repair and maintenance, the professionals from Commercial Fridge Repairs place a vapour barrier in the direction of the vapour barrier.

4. Fluctuations in the Temperature
fluctuationsin the temperature

An abrupt change in the temperature or the system’s inability to maintain a certain temperature for a longer period is seen as malfunctioning and thus, needs to be attended immediately. The experts check out the controllers and prefer replacing it with a new one in case if required.


To ensure that the items in the coolrooms remain best in their condition for long, attending to the faults is going to be an important aspect. It is why; repair and maintenance become so crucial for these commercial fridges.