How to Save your Fresh Vegetables going Stale in your Refrigerator?

Serving fresh food to the customers is one of the biggest virtue of any restaurant owner that ensures consistent growth of their business. And, for keeping the freshness quotient intact, they rely on their refrigerator. We get a lot of complaints from our customers who claim that their vegetables are turning stale quite often instead of their effort of keeping the fridge on for long hours.

You must realise it that problems with your refrigerator can be one of the prime reasons behind this situation. So, at first, you need to learn about the common commercial refrigerator faults and associated solutions. If something is found to be faulty, it will be a wise decision on your part to get it fixed with the help of our professionals ASAP.

Besides, here are some general guidelines for saving fresh vegetable from going stale while those are still there inside your fridge.

Wrap the Leafy Veggies Separately


If you are associated with the food business, you always stay in need of leafy veggies like lettuce, spinach and a lot more. While keeping those inside the refrigerator, you will have to follow some effective rules.

Firstly, you cannot keep all types of leafy veggies together. Secondly, for keeping each bunch, you need a separate plastic wrap. And, lastly, you should trim out the already rotten leaves from the bunch to keep the veggies fresh for a long time.

Put Some Veggies Inside the Freezer


To make sure the vegetables last for a long time, you can also go for freezing some of those. If your freezer is not working okay for a long time, get to know the most common issues you have to deal with in your refrigerator and get those fixed as soon as possible.

You can keep veggies like eggplants, bananas, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, cabbages, cucumber, brussel sprouts and blueberries inside the freezer. However, don’t forget to rinse the veggies with warm water before keeping those inside the freezer to keep those fresh for a long time.

Don’t Overload your Fridge with Vegetables


It’s indeed a bad idea to keep too many vegetables together stuffed inside the vegetable bin in your refrigerator. In such a condition, the air circulation inside is hampered, and as a result, veggies cannot remain fresh.

So, buy and store vegetables in a quantity that you need for cooking. According to the experts of commercial refrigerator repair service near Sydney, not only the veggies will start rotting before time if your fridge is overloaded, but it will leave an impact on your fridge compressor and lead it to malfunction.

Go for Timely Refrigeration Maintenance


If your refrigerator itself is malfunctioning, you will not be able to save anything in your fridge. So, to make sure you follow the rules of preventive maintenance minutely and always stay connected with the commercial refrigerator repair technicians in Sydneyfor the best service. Regularly scheduled maintenance will eventually help you to prevent situations of emergency breakdowns effectively.

Are you struggling to keep the veggies fresh inside your fridge as well? Contact the specialist of Commercial Fridge Repairs ASAP for keeping the clients satisfied with serving fresh food every time.