fridge increases its efficiency
Know How Leveling a Fridge Increases Its Efficiency

Are you having a problem with your fridge? It can be due to the wrong kind of level that is hindering proper functioning of your fridge. As soon as you install a new refrigerator in your kitchen, the first thing you should do is check whether it is properly levelled or not.

Our experts for fridge repairs in Stanmore suggest to level a refrigerator not to be perfectly leveled; in fact, it should tilt back a bit. The front edge of the fridge should be higher than the back. Fortunately, in most cases, levelling is a quick and painless process.

The Refrigerator Will Work Overtime if Not Levelled:

If the refrigerator is not levelled properly, it might have to work hard to keep your perishables cool. But how?

Well, refrigerators work by pumping a special liquid or the coolant that is supplied in a loop. It pulls out the heat from the inside of the refrigerator, as soon as the supply of gas-liquid gets on. In the back of your fridge, this process gets reversed. But with a tilted fridge at the front, back left or back right- the coolant can easily pool in the pipes and make the refrigerator less efficient, and it will cause the fridge to consume more energy than it needs to.

So, How to Level a Refrigerator?

With improper levelling, the ice maker may not function correctly, and it may hamper the freezer defrost cycle. To avoid this problem altogether, all you have to do is an adjustment with its legs on the front of the refrigerator. And, here is how to do that-

  • Remove the grill at the bottom front of the refrigerator. Our experts for fridge repairs in Mosman deal with the quick release clips and a few screws to remove the grill. However, the unit can vary according to the brand and model you’re using.
  • There are height-adjustable legs behind the grill on either side. Some models even use height-adjustable rollers for levelling.
  • Be it rollers or levelling legs- it should be raised enough to bear the weight of the refrigerator. While doing the lifts, do in front part more than 0.5 inches, which is higher than the back.

Since you may need to repeat this process a few times to get the levelling appropriately done, hiring someone professional can take the stress off from your shoulder. But how would you check that the fridge is levelled correctly? Just open the door slightly and let the handle swing shut. In a properly levelled fridge, it will get closed gently.

It is to remember that from left to right, the refrigerator should be levelled perfectly, and there should be a minimal angle from front to back. According to the manufacturers, the front part of the fridge should be 6 to 13 mm higher than the back. In this way, the doors will close on their own with enough force with a complete seal.