prevent your refrigerator’s leaks
Prevent Your Refrigerator’s Leaks – Your Knowledge Base!

As you commonly hear, whenever you find signs of your refrigerator leaking, it should be addressed ASAP! For this, the first instinct of most homeowners is to call quality fridge repairing experts.

And though it may be the right thing to do, it is important to understand those different reasons why such leaks happen in the first place.

  • The water may not be reaching the drain due to being levelled incorrectly, or the defrost drain is clogged.
  • Improper installation (say the water filter) or faulty equipment like a crack in the drain pan.

Both these issues may require either part-time of full-time replacements or repairs from trained professionals. Fortunately, for you; we- “Commercial Fridge Repairs” have the aspect covered for you. We offer you a wide range of fridge repair and replacement services using authentic spare parts at budget-friendly rates.

Furthermore; our trained and experienced technicians delivering commercial refrigeration repairs Sydney even share tips and tricks on how to handle a leaking fridge.

Take A Look:-

i. “For An Incorrect Leveling.”

Whenever you find water underneath the refrigerator; we suggest you check the front legs of your unit. Condensation is meant to run within the fridge into a drain hole, and then drip into a pan underneath where it evaporates.

If you see the unit is tipped forward slightly, then it is a clear give-away that the water might not be flowing into the drain. Furthermore; our commercial refrigerator repairs Sydney, suggest you adjust the front legs to make the fridge tip backwards slightly.

Few Words Of Wisdom From Our End:-

  • When unscrewing the front legs, don’t take them out. Once you have put the unit down and adequately levelled, then tighten them again.
  • Always employ a level on the front edge of the fridge to ensure the legs are correctly even.
  • To check; you can partially leave the door open. If the refrigerator is adequately tilted, then it should close automatically.
  • Also, if you are unable to tilt the fridge legs, then insert a shim beneath each of them (approximately 1/8 inch thick at a wide edge).

ii. “When Cleaning The Drain Hole.”

But, despite doing all this, if the leakage issue still pertains, then you may need to clean the unit’s drain hole. With extensive usage, the drain hole may get clogged with tiny food particles that prevent water from being drained. And that causes overflow and leakage problems.

But Fret Not. Here Are Some Tips From Our End.

  • Find out the drain tubes that lie at the back of your freezer or refrigerator unit.
  • Insert the small plastic tube or a pipe cleaner via the tubes. And then pour a mild mixture of ammonia and soapy water right down the drain tube to eliminate the bacteria.
  • Properly inspect the drain pan under the fridge, present on the right side by removing the grill lying in the front.
  • If you find the soapy water not draining properly, then there may be an internal issue. When working inside the fridge; you should look to push the pipe cleaner and tube in and through the draining tube.
  • Properly flush again with water, and on doing so if you come across water in the pan again, then relax. That will all evaporate eventually.

Call Us, If You Need A Hand:-

If you are doing this for the first time- without any previous knowledge, then its best to not take the risk- especially since we are a call away!

Our professionals know how to deal with a variety of leaking refrigerators, and they know exactly what to do to fix the issue.

If you want to speak to our experts who offer commercial freezer repairs in Sydney, then call us @ 0452 525 914. We make ourselves available 24*7 to help you.

So, if you have a faulty fridge that leaks, then let us know immediately. We will be happy to help!