Evaporator Fan Blade Cleaning
Steps to Clean Condenser & Evaporator Fan Blades of a Commercial Fridge

In one of our earlier pages, we had given you an overall perception of the steps that you need to take to ensure that your commercial fridge is at the best working condition at any given point in time. In that earlier chapter, we had dealt with a 9-point checklist to prevent frequent commercial fridge repair needs and ensure that whenever it’s time, you can get away with only some superficial maintenance activities, which will surely cost you less than a fully-fledged refrigerator repair service.

On this page, we shall have an overview of cleaning the blades of the condenser or the evaporator of your fridge – something that keeps your fridge in a healthy condition.

What precisely a technician will do to clean the fan and its blades? They will…..

Step#1: Locate the Condenser (or Evaporator) of Your Fridge and Unscrew the Grate

The technician will at first unplug the fridge or switch off the power at the breaker, get to the condenser or the evaporator.

Step#2: Removing the Grates that Cover the Fan

In most of the cases, the fan will be covered by a protective grate, which needs to be taken off to reach out to the fan. The professionals offering fridge servicing and repairs in Sydney or elsewhere will gently pull off that grate, till it pops out freely. However, in some cases, that grate is held back to its place by screws, which need to be taken off at first. Once the unscrewing is done with, the professionals will thoroughly clean the grate as they have a high propensity of accumulating dust and dirt. The professionals would use a high power HEPA vacuum to clean the grate. There’s no harm if they are cleaned more comprehensively using a solution of lukewarm water and a cleaning solution for better results.

Step#3: Cleaning the Fan Blades Carefully

Now that the grate has been cleaned up, it’s now time to turn to the fan and its blades. They would take the help of a stiff brush to remove all the dust and debris that may have accumulated on the blades. They will carry out the cleansing comprehensively, and make sure no dust or debris is left back. Now, this is important, as any remnants of dust and debris on the fan or the blade thereof will prevent the fan from functioning to its fullest potential.

The cleaning must be done thoroughly and carefully so that it does not leave any damage or dent on the blades. This is where the experience of these professionals offering fridge repairs in Ashfield like elsewhere near Sydney will make a difference. Remember, even a single dent or minor damage on the blade of the fan will render it useless, compelling you to go for a repair or even replacement.

That is why, the intervention of a quality fridge repair company will make all the difference and that is the reason, we at Commercial Fridge Repairs have earned so much reputation and accolades from various quarters. Our professionalism and perfection advocates for our competency.

Step#4: Restoring the Grate

Now that the cleanup is done with, the techies will put the protective grate back in its place carefully and screw it back.

Thus you see, it’s a methodical, step by step process that can only be done impeccably by a trained and qualified technician, more so because cleaning of the condenser or evaporator fan is at times accompanied by cleaning of the coils. But we have discussed that on our last blog where we discussed why condenser & evaporator coil cleaning keeps commercial fridges up & running.  For further details ,you can call us at 0452 525 914 or get a free quote now. We are available 24×7.