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Things that Professionals Follow During A Service Call to Repair A Fridge

Refrigeration technology has seen a sea change over the last couple of decades. It has become far more sophisticated and with digital control taking over analog control, the technology has seen a myriad of new improvements. Thus, when it comes to repairing refrigerators and fixing issues, the technicians have to be at the top of their toes – always. They have to be extremely qualified and learned to come up with faultless fridge repairs.

Take, for instance, us! We at Commercial Fridge Repairs would come up with some impeccable fridge repairs in Sydney CBD and other nearby places depending upon your location. However, for that our techies have to take into account a guideline to come up with a feasible solution. Here on this page, we discuss a few guidelines that our techies follow while addressing various issues, depending upon the symptoms they show up.

Fridge and the Freezer Not Cooling

This is one of the most frustrating problems that our technicians face. The trickiest part of this problem is that the refrigerator can appear to be in total disarray at the first glance. However, there is a definite guideline to diagnose the problem.

Is the fridge plugged in and is the power point functional? If not, only a qualified technician whom we appoint to carry out fridge repairs in Potts Point or elsewhere with enough qualification and equipped with insulated resistant testers will be able to fix it.

Do the display and the internal lights work, but the cooling still does not take place?  In this case, the most likely cause is a control system failure. In the case of older fridges, it is related to defrost or thermostat timer or both, and in newer fridges, it’s the main PCB.

The Freezer Cools but the Fridge Does Not

This is yet another very common issue that plagues refrigerators. In fact, this is one of the major complaints that we get from our customers, and the gravity of the situation depends upon the age of the appliance. Either no air comes out from the vents, or the fan motor runs, but there is either no airflow or there is a poor airflow.

The Fridge Walls are Excessively Hot

Australia gets really hot during summers. Fridges that are not suitable to be used in a typical Aussie climate struggle to get rid of the heat they generate. To counter this, modern fridges are manufactured in two different systems. The smaller fridges that are of lesser than 400 litres are usually designed to dissipate the heat through the walls in the form of radiation. This makes the walls hot. Still, if the walls get excessively hot, that’s really a matter of concern, and our techies carrying out fridge repairs in Ashbury would surely look into it.

The larger fridges, on the other hand, come up with an assisted pre-cooler, which is located right next to the compressor. The fan runs air over the package of pipes, which releases most of its heat by convection. The rest of the heat is released through the walls. Thus, the walls of the larger fridges are never supposed to get too hot. If they do, that’s a red flag and our techies would address that.

So you see, these are some of the preliminary diagnoses that our techies at Commercial Fridge Repairs would carry out before going in-depth. For further details, dial us at 0452 525 914. We are available 24×7.