Fridge Repair Parramatta

Efficient Fridge Repairs in Parramatta by Industry Experts

Does Your Fridge Show Symptoms Of Malfunction? Is It’s Cooling Not Up To Its Mark?

DON’T WORRY! At Commercial Fridge Repairs we make it feasible for you to get several fridge repair solutions in super quick time. New appliances always cost a lot, and we understand that it is not always possible for you to bring home a new unit whenever the old one stops working.

For Your benefit, we present you with ZERO HASSLE options. Just give us a call, and we will send down our diligent experts to inspect and fix your bothersome refrigerator ASAP.

Be It a Compressor Issue or Water Leakage Problem – we have the skills, equipment and experience to make your unit work properly once again. It’s what we have been doing successfully from our inception, and it’s what we promise to do it for you as well.

“Offering Affordable Repair and Being Quick and Professional Is What We Endeavour!”

‘Regardless Of Whenever You Bought It, We Will Repair It’

We present our fridge repair on all major makes, brands and models. We offer our fridge repair services in Parramatta and advice you to not delay things when contacting us, whenever you find any signs of flaws in your unit.

‘Flexible In Mindset and Versatile In Repair Services’

We present both commercial and residential repair services with an equal amount of dedication. Every spare part or replacement we do comes with a warranty. Be it your workplace or your home; our experts will come and work on your damaged unit without disturbing or hampering your personal life or corporate work routine.

A thorough inspection is done over potentially problematic areas, and the repairs are done quickly without compromising on quality. We always bring along adequate replacements for faulty ones and once out work is complete, present you with an optimally functioning refrigerator unit.

What Includes in Our Commercial and Residential Repair?

Commercial Repairs – Each of our cordial and chirpy technicians will be more than happy to address all your unit’s issues. Your fridge or freezing units mostly undergo issues such as –

  • Lack of cooling
  • Commercial fridge unit doesn’t seal and causes moisture to freeze
  • Excessive noise
  • Issues with Power
  • Replacement of the condenser, evaporator fan parts and its blades
  • Beverages freezing due to excessive cooling
  • Frozen evaporator coiling because of dirt.
  • Absence of water in the dispenser
  • Gasket is torn and light bulb inside the unit not illuminating
  • The fridge is using way too much power

Our experts can fix these issues regardless of whether the unit is an

  • Upright Unit
  • Gelato ice cream ice cabinet
  • Wine coolers
  • Chest Freezers
  • Under bar freezers

Residential Repairs – Our skilful professionals also present residential freezer repairs. They render repairs of

  • A defective fridge MCB
  • If insufficient current or voltage is reaching the unit
  • If the motor is defective and causes the fridge not to start after it has been restarted
  • If the compressor needs lubricating or existence of dirt, hair, grease disrupting its functionality
  • When there is coolant shortage, faulty starting capacitor or substandard thermostat.

“If We Have Missed Out On Anything, Then There Is Great Chance That We Do That As Well.”

Our Other Attributes –

At Commercial Fridge Repairs

  • Our repair experts are quite punctual and will ensure the task is completed in the first instance.
  • We also present you with optimal fridge maintenance services to minimise all your problems.
  • 100% customer satisfaction is always guaranteed, and our client feedback is a testimony to that.
  • All our services abide industry standards and will prove affordable for you.

Give Us a Call, If Your Fridge Is Not Working As Well As It Should. Our Experts Will Fix It Up Efficaciously!