Commercial Fridge Repairs
A Complete Maintenance Checklist to Minimise Commercial Fridge Repairs

Commercial fridges are more rigorous than their domestic counterparts, for obvious reasons. Naturally, they need to be repaired more frequently than the domestic fridges and every time that’s done, the repairs do cause down time, no matter how minimal they might be. And that affects businesses, to say the least. That is the reason you need to keep the repair sessions of the commercial fridges to minimum. Following a complete maintenance checklist will help you a lot.

Here on this page, let us discuss the complete refrigerator preventive maintenance checklist to keep the repair sessions at minimum.

Cleaning the Equipment

You hardly get time for a prompt cleanup, to get rid of the beverage and food spills in your kitchen due to the brisk pace of life. But remember, it is important that you clean the drips and splatters timely, as part of your commercial refrigerator maintenance program. These drips and splatters on the fridge surfaces and walls, and down the edges of the pots and bowls will go a long way to cause your fridge to malfunction in various ways. They will compel you to opt for frequent fridge repairs in Campbelltown or elsewhere near Sydney, depending upon your location.

Checking the Settings

This is another simple, yet extremely important to-do item of your refrigerator preventive maintenance checklist. You need to check the settings frequently. Check the temperature along with the defrost frequency on a daily basis. If you find the temperature settings to be lower than what you need, it means your system is working far too hard. It will cause sharp depreciation of your fridge, cutting short its life. You need to raise the temperature right at the setting that you truly need.

Schedule a Defrosting Routine and Maintain It

This is another very important aspect of maintenance, which you need to follow. Here, you need to abide by the manufacturer’s recommendations. For instance, if you have a Fisher and Paykel fridge, go by their recommendations. Remember, even if you have a refrigerator from the finest brand like Fisher and Paykel that does not mean it will not have any glitch. Any laxity in maintenance will cause issues and you will have to get the device to the specialist who is experienced in Fisher and Paykel fridge repairs in your locality.

Prevent Crowding to Clean out the Units

Do not keep your fridge overstuffed – more than what you need. It will have a two-pronged effect on the device. Firstly, it will make your fridge work harder and cause more than normal wear and tear. Secondly; it will block the air ducts, thus preventing a seamless circulation of air inside. It will result in decreased cooling effect.

Inspecting the Seals and Fix the Leaks

This is another very important task to be performed as a part of your refrigerator preventive maintenance checklist. You need to look for the leaks all around, more so on the gasket and seal of the door. Any leakage in the gasket or loose gasket will result in seepage of cool air from inside and entry of warm air from outside. This will cause your fridge to overwork, and depreciate more and lose its energy efficiency. This will prompt you to opt for frequent fridge repairs in Sydney CBD or the suburbs of Sydney.

Thus you see, you need to follow these steps to ensure that your commercial fridge is in top notch condition, at any given point in time.

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