compressor burnout of the refrigerator
Addressing the Compressor Burnout of the Refrigerator

Compressor burnout is rarest of the rare case in the refrigerators and to deal with them needs efficiency and effectiveness. The professionals dealing with the fridge repairs take into account all the possible causes and the effect thereafter.

According to the expert repairers from Commercial Fridge Repairs, dealing with compressor burnout needs technical know-how and proper knowledge on the thing. Determining the indications and the effect requires proper judgment on the matter.

Indications of Compressor Failure or Burnout

There are several indications of compressor failure or burnout. The failure because of this can be chalked out by pointing out the following faults—

  • Extreme high condensing pressure
  • Leaking of the refrigerant
  • Issues of replacement and servicing arising constantly
  • Slugging of the liquid

……. and ultimately burnout!!

Causes of Compressor Burnout

It is a very specific type of failure that is caused mainly because of the sudden rise in the temperature of the motor winding or at the discharge area. According to the professionals catering to Maytag fridge repairs, the abrupt rise in the temperature breaks down the insulation of the motor winding. This breaking down of the insulation causes a loss in the electrical resistance resulting in short-circuiting with the ground.

Another possible cause of the burnout is the leakage of the oil. If this happens, then there will be unavailability of adequate lubrication leading to the seizure of pistons and bearing.

Other Possible Reasons for Compressor Burnout
other possible reasons for compressor burnout
According to the experts, the following are the other possible reasons of burnout

  • Insufficient cooling caused because of the slackness of the suction gas
  • Malfunctioning of the compressor caused when it is functioning outside its application area
  • Superheat value of the gas being too high
  • Failure of the fan of the motor
  • Dirty condenser

Steps to Tackle the Issue

Various things should be considered when it comes to repairing the issue. The professionals catering to fridge repairs in Sydney and its suburbs suggest the following additional tips that come out to be handy post revival of compressor burnout—

i. Thoroughly inspecting all the present valves like expansion, solenoid, reversing and check valves. If required, these should be cleaned thoroughly and replaced according to the requirement

ii. Removing and replacing the filter driers that are already installed

iii. Checking out the condition of the oil for the nature of the oil. If it’s acidic, then it has to be changed accordingly

Replacement of the Compressor

For the experts, replacing the compressor should always stand the last priority. When every means of repair would fail, then one should go for the replacement with exactly the same compressor for the optimum performance.


Even though the system is running fine, you might not know when it would breakdown. Compressor failures are at times hard to point out and hence, by the time it is detected, it becomes far too late, and maximum damage had already been done. So, hiring the experts is going to solve the purpose in an effective way.