Commercial Fridge Maintenance Tips
DIY Tips for Commercial Fridge Maintenance During Lockdown

Commercial fridges play a pivotal role in your daily business chores in hotels and restaurants, departmental stores and shopping outlets. Thus, downtime of these fridges costs these businesses a lot. More so, during this COVID-19 pandemic, while hotels and restaurants are closed, businesses selling basic amenities are still and it’s high time that they remain so, to serve people during this difficult time. Thus, it is wiser for the stakeholders of these businesses to look for means that can lessen the probability of technical snags, resulting in downtime and compelling them to summon technicians, something that is easier said than done these days!!

Here are a few steps that can easily be taken by the stakeholders of businesses to lessen the frequency of repairs of commercial fridges. The most satisfying part is that one does not need to be a fully-fledged technician to take care of their fridges.

Cleaning the Condenser Coils of the Fridge

Unsnap the grill at the bottom of the rear of the refrigerator to access the condenser coils. You need to roll the pride upside down to access the coils. You will be able to cut down the chance of cutting the probability of service calls by more than 70 percent, by cleaning the coils.

Cleaning the Condenser Fan of the Fridge

Access the condenser fan by moving the fridge away from the wall, and then by removing the lower back cover with the help of a screwdriver. It will help to facilitate better circulation of air and a better and more consistent cooling effect.

Wiping the Door Gasket of the Refrigerator

Take frequent care of the gasket of the refrigerator periodically using a sponge and warm water. However, do not use any cleaning detergent as it may very well damage the gasket.

In this way, you will be able to prevent a modestly expensive gasket repair bill and also drastically cut down the likelihood of air leaks by proper maintenance of the door gasket. Occasionally, more so in case of commercial fridges, syrups, jam and jelly, and other sticky substances might drip down the sides of the refrigerator doors. These stuff subsequently dry out and get glued to the gasket, gluing the gasket as well to the frame. Periodic cleaning of the gasket will help negate the chances.

Cleaning the Freezer Vents

Remove the food packages and other stuff that might be blocking the vent outlets and ensure the unhindered flow of air, so that crumbs and the twist ties do not block the vents.

As these little vents of the frost-free fridge facilitate circulation of air in the freezer, blocking them, or letting crumbs and twist ties to get stuck in or around the evaporator fan will cause the drain tube to clog and cause leakage of water.

Besides, you also need to set the temperature controls of the refrigerator to the middle settings for a minute, clearing & cleaning the drip openings, which will help you keep the visit of the technicians for fridge repairs in Sydney at bay.

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