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Fisher and Paykel Fridge Not Getting Cold? Pay Heed to These Common Causes

Are you finding that your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator does not keep the food as cool as you would like, or even worse, it does not cool at all?

Fret not!

We have got you covered.

So, before you blindly start browsing for a new refrigerator, let us explore some easy ways to troubleshoot the appliance. If all else fails, you still have Fisher and Paykel fridge repairs. Hence, take a deep breath and follow the explanation of why your refrigerator is not cool at all inside.

Check the Power Source

The first step is to check if your refrigerator is plugged in properly and the outlet is functioning correctly. It might seem like a minor and obvious step, but it is a common oversight. Hence, double-check the plug and the outlet to ensure they are securely connected. Seek the help of an electrician to ensure there is no damage. Another pointer: check if the circuit breaker is not blown off and all the switches are in the right places.

Check For Fridge Thermostat Issues

A fridge’s thermostat is often the most common culprit. But before you point fingers at a faulty thermostat, check if it is set to the appropriate temperature. If the thermostat is set too high, your food may not be as cool as you desire. So, adjust the thermostat to a lower setting and wait for a few hours. If this resolves the issue, fine! If it still doesn’t function as it is supposed to, you might need immediate fridge repairs.

Issue With Refrigerator’s Door Seal

If you’re sure that the thermostat is set correctly and the fridge is still not cold enough, there might be an issue with the door seal. A damaged seal allows the cold air from the refrigerator to escape, or vice versa, making your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator less efficient. Thus, inspect the seal around the refrigerator to see if it’s in good condition.

Keep in mind that Fisher and Paykel fridges have double-insulated seals. So, chances are it is full of gunk! This can prevent the seal from insulating properly. Replace the seal if you have to instead of blindly taking it for fridge repairs in Auburn.

Fridge Compressor Issue

If all of these troubleshooting fail, it might be possible that the problem lies with the compressor. The compressor is tasked with moving the refrigerant or coolant through the refrigerator. So, if it’s not working properly, quite obviously, your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator will not be able to cool properly. If this is coupled with a loud noise, delay not! Contact a professional providing fridge repairs in Blacktown ASAP!

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