Fridge Repairs – the Most Common Issues You Have to Deal With

A school of thought is of the opinion that things are quite similar when it comes to dealing with commercial and domestic fridges. This is wrong – to say the least. Commercial fridges are heavy-duty machines, which are built to withstand more rigours and wear & tear than their domestic counterparts. Therefore, the area or degree of expertise when it comes to taking care of domestic and commercial fridges ought to be somewhat different.

Well, let us not dissect this issue of fridge repair further. Let us keep it straight and generalize it for the sake of simplicity. So let us put it in this way – even the most famous brands like Fisher and Paykel, Westinghouse, Maytag, and the likes develop issues and need repairing over time.

Still, when it comes to discussing refrigerator maintenance issues, certain things do vary, depending upon whether the device in question is commercial or a domestic one. That is why, before summoning a mechanic to take care of a fridge, it needs to be seen whether the person is experienced enough to deal with commercial or domestic devices or both, and the company the professional is representing is reputed enough in this forte.

This is where we at Commercial Fridge Repairs are always in the headlines – with some substantial experience in this field and a healthy reputation in the market in the field of commercial, as well as domestic fridge repairing.

The Power Glitches


This is one of the most frustrating refrigerating hiccups, which people face in domestic as well as industrial sector. The symptoms are simple though. The content of the fridge does not cool up enough, even after long! There can be various reasons behind it.

If it is not one of those simple cases of loose power plugs then it might be due to a faulty wiring designated for the outlet, or it might be that the ground wires are active. The reason behind this can be faulty power supply as well, and it might not always be the fallacy of the unit itself.

Problems with Temperature


Issues with temperature are another very common problem that may plague your Maytag unit, raising the need to ask for professionals who are experienced to carry out Maytag fridge repairs. Because of these problems, you can either find your unit excessively cool or not cool enough to keep the content fresh.

Problems with The Temperature Control Device


The temperature control device showing an incorrect reading is another very common problem. At times, the gauges are broken altogether. In these cases, our experienced mechanics come up with a replacement. Regardless of whether it is a commercial or a domestic refrigerator, this happens chiefly due to blocked vents.

Compressor Problems


The main function of the compressor is to keep the contents cool and when it malfunctions, that cooling effect is naturally gone. At times, dirt and grease, hair and other unwanted stuff accumulate in the compressor, resulting in the glitch. This more so happens in commercial refrigerators and when it happens, our industrial refrigeration mechanic comes up as the saviour.

Issues With the Evaporator Fan


The evaporator fan at times goes for a toss and when it does, ice starts to collect all throughout the unit, thus causing a practical mess that has to be taken care of immediately.

Hence, when it comes to addressing all these issues and many more in commercial as well as the domestic refrigerators, we at Commercial Fridge Repairs make all the difference, by some truly professional and perfect service.