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How Do Professionals Repair a Refrigerator that Fails to Start?

Refrigerators fail to start due to a number of reasons. However, the most common of them are overload or faulty relay start capacitor, or an electronic control board that has developed glitches.

So, when you hire professionals who carry our fridge repairs in Ashbury,  they would check things mainly on these three fronts.

Checking the Issue of Overload  or a Defective Relay Start Capacitor

The overload relay start capacitor is a protective device, which is used in the compressor circuit of the refrigerator. When power is applied to the compressor motor windings though the overload start capacitor, the relay adds the start winding in the refrigerator circuit till the compressor gains the running speed. When there is overload or if the relay start capacitor is defective, the fridge will fail to start.

The professionals offering fridge repairs in Darlinghurst will use a multimeter to check if the relay start capacitor is defective.

  • First, they will remove the rear panel and then remove the relay start capacitor. The contemporary models have relay start capacitors having parts and plugs directly connected at a side of the compressor. Another start capacitor may be attached to the relay overload assembly, which supplies the starting voltage to the windings of the compressor.
  • For testing, the experts offering fridge repairs in Abbotsford would set their multimeter to Rx1 setting and then place the probes on the terminals of the refrigerator overload capacitor, as well as the relay start capacitor. The reading that the multimeter will show may vary from one model and make to the other, and the ideal reading may be mentioned on the user manual or on the surface of the capacitor.
  • If there is anomaly in the reading, if it varies from the mentioned standard reading, or if the reading fluctuates, the replacement overload or the relay start capacitor, or both, may be repaired or replaced. If and when the damage is to grave then the fridge repair experts in Cecil Hills will suggest replacing them.

How to Diagnose the Issue of Faulty Electronic Control Board?

The functionality of some of the latest refrigerators are taken care of by the electronic control boards that monitor the overall temperature of the fridge and control the compressor, the fans and the defrost system. Thus, if and when the refrigerator fails to start, it can be due to a faulty electronic control board, which is pretty complex as well as expensive.

  • At first, the fridge repair experts in Penrith will disconnect the fridge from the power supply, and locate & remove the ECB. The ECB is located in the control box, which can be found at the top or at one side of the fridge.
  • They will take a hard look at the board to find any signs of arcing, or burnt out circuits, wear and tear or damaged connection and foil or any other form of damage.

If they find one, they would advise replacement of the board, or in case of limited damage, they will repair it by micro soldering.

Thus, you must ensure you put stakes on a quality fridge repair company in and around Sydney. What better name can you opt for than Commercial Fridge Repairs? We are amongst the best. Call us today to fix an appointment.