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How Do Technicians Service the Fridge Thermostat Step by Step?

Whether you have a Maytag fridge or a fridge of any other brand, you will need to get it serviced every year if you want to retain its performance. Among the various components that the technicians in Sydney and its suburbs service, the thermostat is a component that they tread with care. 

Here, we will discuss the methods by which the technicians service thermostats in fridges. So, if you are just researching the technicals involved in fridge repairs, this is the discussion that you will need to follow.

Checking the Condition of the Thermostat

Technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Sydney and its suburbs will first check whether the compressor is running continuously. If that is the case, they will turn it off, pull the control knob and disassemble it so that they can reach the thermostat. Then, they will remove the attached red and blue wires from the terminal and reattach them and plug it into the unit. If the compressor still doesn’t run or does not stop they will replace the thermostat.

Finding and Fixing Short Circuits

The technicians performing fridge repairs will check the frequency with which the compressor is running after they reattach the wires to the terminal that goes straight out of the thermostat. If the former fails to work, then there is a short circuit somewhere in the thermostat. In this scenario, they will find the fault and repair them using the appropriate tools.

Checking the Thermostat Connection

The professionals performing Maytag fridge repairs will check the thermostat connection when servicing. 

Sometimes, the red and blue wires from the thermostat that connect to the compressor can become loose and this can lead to improper functioning of the latter. Thus, if this is detected by the professionals, they will tighten the connections to achieve normal functioning.

Dirt and Dust Accumulation

Accumulation of dirt and dust on the surface of the thermostat can lead to its malfunctioning. With that, if there is an accumulation of grease, it can also lead to the malfunctioning of the compressor. So, the technicians will remove the accumulated dirt, dust and grease to restore the normal functioning.

Refrigerator Not Cooling

This is one of the classical problems faced by the technicians performing fridge repairs in Ryde and the other Sydney suburbs.

This happens when either the thermostat is faulty or if it has aged. But if the technicians detect that the component does not require an immediate replacement, they will clean the surface, detach the wires and reattach them to restore the functionality.

Compressor Functioning Erratically

In several instances, while servicing a fridge, technicians see that the compressor functions erratically. But a major part of it is caused by the thermostat.

If the thermostat is faulty or if it has weakened over time, this type of issue occurs. However, to fix the same, the professionals carrying out fridge repairs in Strathfield and other Sydney suburbs clean the thermostat and test it with a multimeter to see whether the voltage supply is within limits. If it is not, they replace the thermostat with a new one.

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