How to Ensure Your Holiday Trip Does Not Invite a Fridge Repair Technician?

At times, we leave our home for vacation at the cost of our appliances, more so the refrigerator. In other words, we forget to prepare our fridge before setting out for a vacation, only to find out upon returning, that the appliance is either not working at all, or is malfunctioning. That’s why, our experts at Commercial Fridge Repairs would suggest, before you set out for a trip, you must take care of your fridge so that they are not affected by the idle time they will not be working during absence. As per our experts, the nature of arrangements will depend upon the duration of your tour. 

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Steps for Long weekends

When you are off for a mere long weekend, you need to take the following steps to ensure you do not have to hire a technician for fridge repairs in Bankstown.

Checking the expiry dates: You need to check the expiry date of milt and eggs, meat and cream, and other stuff that can produce biohazard when they get spoiled.  You need to purge the perishables that are at the brink of grossness. 

Raising the temperature: Now that you have got rid of all the high risk perishables, it is safe to kick the temperature up by a couple of degrees. It will save energy and a few cents in your power bills. 

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Steps for Gateway

For those planning a trip of say, 10 days or so, our experts offering fridge repairs in Ashfield have the following tips up their sleeves. 

Apart from avoiding groceries that will not outstay your vacation, you need to: 

Freeze the meat: You need to thaw the meat by freezing it and have it once you get home. It is like pressing a pause button on the expiratory date of the meat. 

Raising the temperature: Again, raising the temperature is one MUST TAKE step as it will save energy and lower down your energy bills. 

Turning off the ice maker: This is again a step to save energy and to lower down power bills. 

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Steps for an Extended Holiday (for a month)

When you are planning extended stay away from home – say for a month long, cross cross Australia tour, our experts offering fridge repairs in Darlinghurst would suggest keeping a box full of baking soda in the refrigerator, besides the customary steps of removing the perishable, cleaning the refrigerator well and raising the temperature. Baking soda will thwart formation of bad odour inside, despite the fact that the door will remain constantly closed for long. 

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Steps for a Extended Stay beyond a month or so

In case you are to stay away for more than a month, our experts offering fridge repairs in Camperdown would suggest taking some additional steps like turning off the water intake and the ice maker to avoid any chance of accidental overflow during your  long absence. 

Besides, they will suggest stuffing the freezer with ice, as it will keep the freezer cool in case of long power outages. 

If despite these steps you find your fridge to be malfunctioning when you come back, call us and our techies will do all that it takes to solve the issue. 

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