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Pest Infestations and How It Can Damage Your Westinghouse Fridge?

One of the many problems that plague the Westinghouse fridges and the ones from the other brands is none other than insect infestation. In fact, bugs can damage your fridge to such a great extent that you will need to call technicians to repair them. Anyway, if you are in Sydney or its Bankstown suburb and want to learn more about the damages that they can do to your appliance, the following points can give you some ideas.

Block the Air Circulation Vent

If insects get inside the vent located in the wall freezer, they can block the same thus obstructing the flow of cool air in the compartments. This can be quite damaging to your appliance and you will need to call in professionals carrying out Westinghouse fridge repairs to resolve the same.

The insects(s) will probably die due to the cold, but the removal of their bodies and the food and other particles that they have accumulated will require expert intervention.

Lacerate the Wires

Bugs might get inside your Westinghouse fridge and tear apart the wires. If done so, the light inside your fridge will not turn on and this can be extremely problematic because the light is connected directly to the compressor. So, to restore the connection, the technicians will need to find out the point of disconnection and then rejoin the same for the light to work properly again.

Destabilise the Defrost Mechanism

Insects can weaken the defrost mechanism of your Westinghouse fridge by laying eggs or making hives in the edges of the regulator. This will lead to temperature fluctuations that cannot be repaired with a DIY, and the only option that you are left with is to contact technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Sydney besides the Bankstown suburb.

Create Obstruction in the Evaporator Coils  

The refrigerant inside the appliance is pumped back through the evaporator coils. Thus, they are one of the most important instruments for keeping your fridge cool. But unfortunately, insects can often find themselves inside these coils obstructing the natural flow of cool air inside the fridge. The result of this will be your fridge is not keeping cool or resulting in temperature fluctuations.

To prevent this from happening, however, you need to get the condenser coils in your Westinghouse fridge cleaned. For this, you can call in your friendly Sydney fridge repair technicians.

Weaken the Gasket

Though it might sound strange, it’s true that insects can lay eggs on the edges of your fridge’s gasket. This limits you from closing the door of your fridge properly. Moreover, this leads to the weakening of the gasket. So, keeping your Westinghouse appliance free of insects remains crucial throughout the year.

Create Bacterial Growths That Can Be Damaging to the Food Items

The discharge from the insects’ bodies can be detrimental to the food items that you store. On top of that, these growths on the fridge’s internal surface can affect the air quality and circulation in the long run. Thus, in this scenario, you will need to call in the professionals carrying out fridge repairs in Bankstown for instance, or the ones near you in Sydney.

Now that you have gained a good idea of how pests can damage your fridge’s internal components, make sure you are keeping the appliance free of them at all times.

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