Why to Change Refrigerator Filter for your Residential Fridge?

Many of you might think that replacing the water filter for your fridge is easy. But this does not mean that simple DIY procedure is going to ascertain a successful change. It comes with a set of challenges. It is, therefore, important to take into consideration all the aspects that can come in the way of changing or replacement.

The following are some of the common issues associated with the replacement of water filter–

Common Installation Mistakes

Any error associated with the installation of the filter is always going to give you a bumpy experience. The following are some of the common installation mistakes that most people do–

  • Prior to the installation of the filter, at times, people miss out the removal of filter protective caps
  • Many a time, people forget to flush the filter

The reason behind flushing is to ascertain the removal of contaminants and particles that can block the passage.

Troubleshooting the Filter Repair

Let’s have a look at the different troubleshooting procedure.

Refrigerator not Dispensing Water Properly Post Filter Replacement


If problems like this exist, then the possible reason is that the filter is not snapped in the right way. If you think and have a consistent problem, then go for fridge repairs in Bankstown by professionals. Experts say that such cases can be because of the water valve.

As a part of assurance, experts from Commercial Fridge Repairs suggest the re-installation of the old filter. If water still comes out of the new filter, then the problem exists with the water valve and needs appropriate measures.

Drip/Leak of Water Post Filter Installation


The problem of water leakage might be because of the filter not set at the exact location. To resolve the issue, the technicians advice to remove the filter and re-install it to the fridge, give it a twist until it is locked.

Irregular Flow of Water


Irregularity in the flow of water can be because of the presence of air or air bubbles in the pipelines. In most of the refrigerator, it can be a common issue. To remove the air present in the pipe, keep the dispenser button pressed till the water starts to flow smoothly.

Issues Related to Filter Installation/Removal


For installation, it is important to remove the filter. At times, the filter gets locked. The person should try removing the filter sideways by exerting pressure. The technicians catering to Fisher and Paykel refrigerator repair suggest to remove the upper shelf to evade damage.

Change in Taste of Potable Water


Remember, the potable water system of the refrigerator does not have the potential to add minerals or chemicals to the water. Instead, it removes the contaminants. In case, if you feel a slight change in the taste, then cases is that the filter of the refrigerator needs replacement.


Water filter of the refrigerator plays a crucial role when it comes to defining the overall efficiency of the fridge. Therefore, the technicians from Commercial Fridge Repairs stress on having it replaced on a regular basis.