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Fridge Repairs Service in Liverpool by Adept Experts

Keep Your Fridge Out of Danger Zone and Ensure Its Optimal Condition!

At Commercial Fridge Repairs, we offer quick fix and maintain your refrigeration units and prevent you from overspending on a new unit. Our fridge repairs in Liverpool are all-encompassing and incorporate quality repair, necessary replacements and adequate maintenance to help extend the lifespan of your cold storage unit.

Why Us?

  • Our success rate in satisfying clients and our dedication towards every task at hand is what defines out exclusivity amongst others in the venture.
  • Each of our repair staff has abundance of experience under their collar.
  • All of them are also licensed, vetted and vouch for proper repairs regardless of your brand/unit and the degree of repair your unit needs.
  • Our replacement items come with warranty
  • We always present you with flexible scheduling be it online or via phone.
  • Our experts are always ready to serve you at your times of emergencies
  • All our repair experts have heaps of practical experience. They easily target the cause of the problem and repair them promptly. That is what makes them Your Go-To- Professionals.

Our Repair List:

There is nothing more frustrating than your refrigerator malfunctions in the middle of a hot summer season. And if you are a food supplier, then your refrigerator is your most essential appliance. Due to this breakdown, your business suffers greatly and eventually starts giving you unwanted stress and headaches.

To avoid such dire situations, we come to your help at just a phone call and repair your unit back to new. We like being versatile and thus render our refrigerator repairs in Liverpool to both commercial and residential sectors.

Our Experts Readily Repair

  • Defective Thermostat Which Could Be Causing the Coil to Freeze
  • A Defective/Dirty Evaporator
  • Defrost System Malfunctioning
  • Evaporator Fan Motor Being Totalled
  • A Faulty Water Dispenser or Issue of Water Leaks
  • If The Ice Maker of the Unit Is Not Making Ice
  • If The Cooling Is Happening Way Too Much Too Quickly
  • If the unit is taking up too much power
  • Or if the compressor is not functioning at all

Along with this, it’s needless to say that there are many other issues which your refrigerator could be having. And if that issue is not mentioned on our list, don’t worry. You just use our contact details and have a word with our professionals personally. Simply convey whatever issues your fridge/freezer is causing you.

“Our Professionals Will Always Be There To Assist You!”

Message us or Call Us

If your refrigerator appears to be low on efficiency, feel free to drop your service request. Our customer representative will update you about your service appointment on immediate retrieval of your request.

Other than our services, if you also need some maintenance tips to save money on your fridge, our experts will share their suggestions.

We’ve got you Covered in Every Aspect. So, Let Us Know How We Can Assist You!