3 Common Commercial Refrigerator Faults and Associated Solutions

When it comes to commercial ground, the problems associated with the commercial fridges become a headache. The sudden breakdown of the commercial refrigerators strikes the owners of the eateries and the groceries the most. What becomes crucial at the point in time is seeking the help of the professionals to resolve the issue. The experts have the basic knowledge of the faults and always assure you of an efficient and cost-effective solution.

It is important for the owners of the commercial refrigerators to know the possible breakdowns that are common to the appliance they own. Here is the list of the possible malfunctions and the concerned solutions—

Fault #1: “Refrigeration is running too often”

It is one of the commonest problems associated with the commercial fridges. The possible reasons for these are—

The presence of the old cracked seal that becomes inefficient to hold the cold air inside the chamber and leading to the unit to work overtime.

The malfunctioning of the condenser coils


The professional will thoroughly inspect the reason for the fault and prescribe an effective solution. Either a replacement of the old cracked seal or cleaning the surface thoroughly is going to be helpful in resolving the issue.

Fault #2: “Inefficient and ineffective Cooling”

There are several reasons behind an inefficient and ineffectiveness of the cooling of the commercial refrigerators—

Improper airflow leading to the shutdown of the cooling fan

Coolant pressure in the condenser has lessened


Obviously, the only solution to ensure that the unit is cooling appropriately is to clean the fan. The professionals associated with the commercial refrigeration service in Sydney clean the fan or check for the coolant present. In either of the case, they take the proper measures to ensure that the fridge runs properly.

Fault #3: “Fridge Leaking Water”


In case, if you are witnessing little puddle of water around the area where your unit is placed, then it is the time to look out for a reason and call the professionals from a reputed fridge repair company like Commercial Fridge Repairs. The following is the probable reason for the fault- a leaking fridge—

Clogging of the food particles and dirt leading to the clogging of the defrost drain


The blocked defrost drain needs to be attended in the quickest possible time to ensure the free flow of the waste water. The owners consider this as an essential part of commercial refrigeration repairs in Sydney because it helps prevent the odour from spreading onto the other items stored in the unit.

The following are some of the ways to deal with the blockage of the defrost drain—

Cleaning the pipeline with a pipe cleaner or pouring in warm water to remove the clogging or the formed ice

Removing the debris from the valve present at the base of the drain hose and then reinstalling the valve

If the problem persists, the professionals need to be hired to resolve the issue immediately. The technicians from Commercial Fridge Repairs take all the possible steps to ascertain that the problem is resolved in the most effective way.


The problems associated with commercial fridges need to be attended immediately. Seeking assistance from the professionals is going to make the repairing far better, budgeted, and effective.