5 Indications That You Are Misusing Your Refrigerator

Today’s modern-day refrigerators may have Wi-Fi feature, and even tell that you’re out of eggs or groceries. However, they won’t tell you if your bad habits are causing it to deteriorate in function.

Are you even aware of all the different ways by which you are damaging your priced refrigerator? If not then this post explains 5 indications that you’re misusing your refrigerator.

1#: You Are Over-Stuffing Your Unit.

(What Makes It Bad:-) Overloading your refrigerator blocks out the air vents, and prevents it from circulating your stored food components uniformly. This makes the interior warmer than recommended and increases your chances of food damage.

(What To Do:-) Never stuff your unit. Keep some space between them to allow the air to pass. Also, toss aside anything that’s passed its prime and look to clean it regularly.

2#: You Ignore To Change The Water Filter.

(What Makes It Bad:-) Water filters are meant to filter the drinking water (and ice) from the pollutants and impurities which reach through your town’s pipe straight to your home. But if you ignore cleaning the water filter; you are preventing it from doing its job and keeping your family safe. It can also lead to sediments and other gunk from accumulating inside the pipe and blocking it.

(What To Do:-) The right idea would be to clean the water filter in every 6-month intervals. And, get it checked by professional fridge repair technicians if any repairs or replacements are needed.

3#: Not Examining The Gasket For Leaks.

(What Makes It Bad:-)A damaged gasket can cause the refrigerator to leak out cool air. Most gaskets which seal the line of your refrigerator door tend to crack, tear and become loose. And when that happens, it prevents proper cooling, thus making your unit run harder than it needs to.

(What To Do:-) Properly keep track of your refrigerator’s gasket for possible cracks, tears damage. And if need be so, don’t hesitate to opt for professional fridge repairs to take care of the issue.

4#: You Don’t Wipe The Spills:-

(What Makes It Bad:-) In this scenario, it is not only about a messy refrigerator. You need to clean up the existing spills, leaks and other dust-debris accumulations present on the unit.

Left unchecked; it gets exposed to your food items and can potentially cause food poisoning and spread of viruses, bacteria and even parasites.

(What To Do:-) Whenever you find spills on your unit; wipe it using a clean piece of cloth and a mild cleaning solution in every couple of weeks.

5#: You Leave The Condenser Coils Unattended.

(What Makes It Bad:-) If you leave your condenser coil unattended or uncleaned, dust and debris will accumulate over it and make it difficult for the refrigerator to regulate the unit temperature properly. There is also a chance that it may damage your stored food components.

(What To Do:-) Buy a special brush meant to clean the coils two times in a year.

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