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How the Professionals Repair a Fridge That Is Not Defrosting?

Fridges, regardless of the brand they are of, develop issues from time to time. Some of these snags are trivial and are fixed by the users. At times they snowball into major problems, which demand the intervention of the seasoned specialists from reputed companies.

One of the trickier issues for which people summon the techies is the case when their fridge refuses to defrost. This happens to practically every brand of fridge.

Even if you have a fridge from a brand as famous as Maytag, you may be bogged down by this snag. If and when that happens, you need to summon a reputed and authorised professional technician from a renowned house that repairs Maytag fridge. They will take care of the issue and fix it up for you. Indeed, a majority of service calls that we receive at Commercial Fridge Repairs is due to fridges that are refusing to defrost.

Now if you are to find out the root cause behind this issue, there are quite a few of them. Let us discuss them one by one.

A Faulty Defrost Controller Board

The function of the defrost controller board is to determine the frequency at which the defrosting cycle will run. In case of a failure of this board, the fridge will fail to get into the defrosting cycle.

However, when it comes to solving this issue, our techies generally would examine the defroster heater as well as the defroster thermostat. If the heater and the thermostat are found working perfectly, then it is undoubtedly the defrost control board, which is the root cause of the glitch. To nab the problem, the board has to be replaced.

A Defrost Timer that Has Been Knocked Out of Order

The task of the defrost timer is to turn the defrost heater on and off several times in a single day, for melting away the frost that collected on the surface of the evaporator coils. Now if the defrost timer develops a snag, it will either fail to speed up the defrost cycle or fail to send the necessary power to the defrost heater during the cycle.

To determine if the defrost timer has deveeloped any defect, slowly turn the dial toadvance it towards the the defrosting cycle. The compressor ideally should switch off, while the heater should switch on. Incase the timer fails to transmit any power to the defrost components or gains time of the defrosting cycle within half and hour this isa clear indicator of the fact that the defrost timer is not working. If the defrost timer is not advancing, it has to be replaced.

When our techies are summoned for fridge repairs in Pyrmont, they will check if the timer is defective. For that, they would slowly advance the timer dial well into the time limit of the defrost cycle. Ideally, the compressor should stop, and the heater should start once that is done.

However, if the timer fails to transmit power to the defrost components, or it advances out of the defrost cycle within half an hour or so, this is a clear indicator that the defrost timer cannot advance, and is defective. It’s time to replace it.

A Defective Defrost Heater Assembly

The task of the defrost heater assembly is to turn on, to melt away the frost that assembles on the evaporator coil. To do so, it runs and stops several times a day.

When the defrost heater assembly develops a snag, it prevents the defrost system from working, resulting in unabated accumulation of frost on the evaporator coils. During the fridge repairs in Merrylands, our techies generally use a multimeter for testing the continuity of the defrost heater and find if it is defective. If it fails to return continuity, it is time to replace the heater and fix the issue.

A Failed Defrost Sensor

A failed defrost sensor is another reason behind this issue of your fridge refusing to defrost. The task of the sensor is to monitor the evaporator temperature. The sensor has a fuse, which acts as an alternative to the sensor, in case it fails.

When the defrost sensor fails, it refuses to shut off the defrost heater, and the fuse will blow up to shut the heater forcibly and prevent any mishap. When that happens, the defrost system stops working, and the refrigerator refuses to defrost. Now that fuse cannot be reset. Once it blows, the entire sensor has to be replaced to fix the problem.

A Glitch in the Main Control Board

The main control board takes care of the power supply to each every component of the refrigerator, including its defrost system. In case the main control board gets defective, it will stop transmitting the required voltage to the defrost system, resulting in the snag.

This can only be the likely cause if and when every other defrost component is fine, and still, the fridge is not defrosting. But then, when this is the cause, it is accompanied by other symptoms, which the techies diagnose during fridge repairs in Ultimo or in other places, depending upon where you stay.

So you see, this is a tricky issue and only seasoned professionals from a company like Commercial Fridge Repairs, who are authorised and experienced enough to take on Maytag fridge repairs will be able to solve the issue.

For further details, call us at 0452 525 914. Our techies will be more than happy to solve the issue for you.