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How to Ensure Optimal Performance of Fridge in Your Garage?

Whether it is to store your beer, snacks or something handy, a refrigerator in the garage provide extra space and convenience for your temperature-sensitive items. Most garages aren’t climate controlled, and if you want to keep a refrigerator in the garage, it may come across a few problems to ensure ideal operation.

High temperature adds stress to the refrigerators and makes it work hard. It let the motor run constantly, specially, when the temperature increases more than 110 degrees. In the worst case, the motor can burn out due to the overuse and eventually lead to the food spoilage. So, here are a few tips from professional fridge repairs in Strathfield to manage your garage refrigerator-

Keep it Full: If it is a hot garage, the refrigerator has to work hard to maintain the right temperature inside and to keep perishable items in optimal condition. Well, you can ace this process by simply stocking the items well inside the fridge. If you don’t find anything to fill the space in the refrigerator, consider filling the area with water. It will help the refrigerator to maintain its temperature when the door is opened on a hot day. The warm air rushes in an empty fridge and cold air rush out as soon as the door is opened. Keeping the fridge filled properly will leave less room for warm air and let air temperature drop faster.

Ensure a Proper Electric Outlet: Kitchens are specifically built with the facility of necessary hook-ups, but this doesn’t happen in case of garage. Hence, fridge repair professionals in Ultimo suggest the refrigerator must be equipped with 115 volts and 60Hz AC outlet. The lack of corrective electrical hook-ups will not let the refrigerator receive enough power. Eventually, it may happen that your fridge is not able to run its motor properly.

Cool it: According to the Maytag fridge repair professionals in Surry Hills, the room where you want to keep your refrigerator should not have temperature more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit. In warmer conditions, your fridge won’t stop working and may get exposed to the risk of burning. You may have to try to insulate or install the fans or ventilators to maintain a moderate temperature in your garage. You also have to check all the doors and windows for the leaks and strip it if necessary. Also, don’t forget to cover the windows to minimise the heat from the sun.
Be Aware of the Overstuffing Perishable Items: No matter how much precautions you take, keeping a refrigerator in a room with extreme temperature won’t let the fridge perform. So, it will be better to refrigerate the goods which are not perishable during warm months.

Lastly, you must know that warranties could be voided in case of a few refrigerator brands in extreme temperature. Even if the temperature remains in an acceptable range, the repair claims by the owner become difficult at times due to putting the fridge in a garage. Our commercial refrigeration repair professionals suggest if the coverage is a concern, ensure the service doesn’t have such a clause.