How can You Remove Built-Up Ice Sheet from the Bottom of Freezer?

Is there too much of frost built-up in the bottom of your freezer? Well, a small amount of frost accumulation in normal, but if it becomes too often, then it is an issue. Excess ice build-up can cause damage to foods, as well as it depicts a problem with your freezer. However, there are certain ways that will help to remove the excess accumulation of frost. For instance, you can scrape off the excess ice for removing the frost build-up. After that, you can follow the effective methods that are discussed below.

Steps to Remove Excess Ice Build-Up from Freezer’s Bottom

Method 1: Use a Plastic Spatula for Scraping the Ice

This is one of the fastest ways of getting rid of excess ice accumulation. A wooden spin or a plastic spoon is safer to use as you will not end up hurting yourself when scrapping the has line. Make sure to dig the ice gently for removing it. For collecting the scrapings, you need to hold a bucket underneath the door of the freezer. Otherwise, to save your time you can call up the professional fridge repairs Neutral Bay.

Method 2: Take a Heated Cloth and Drops of Rubbing Alcohol

Take a clean cloth with forceps and then dip into boiling water. After this, pour rubbing alcohol on the piece of cloth. The rags must be placed on the top of the frost by using tongs. This will help the ice to melt faster. Subsequent to that you can use a dry cloth in order to soak up the melted ice. Generally, this process works better when if the layers of the ice are thin.

Method 3: Heat A Metal Spatula For Removing The Ice

This process is one of the quickest for getting rid of excess ice accumulation. However, you need to be most caution when applying the method. You need to heat the metal spatula in the oven over a flame or a heat source. After this, you have to place the heated spatula on the ice till it starts melting. At last, use a dry cloth for wiping up the water.

Method 4: Defrost the Fridge

This is also another effective process for removing the excess ice build-up. Besides, before defrosting make sure to remove all the items from your freezer, so that they do not rot. You can put those items on the fridge for the time being, and then start defrosting. However, if even after defrosting, the problem still continues, then consider it as a sign that your freezer is having some problems. Thus, to identify the issue and fix it properly, you need to call a pro technician who provides fridge repairs in Matraville or Manly.

Therefore, these are some of the effective methods for removing the excess frost build-up from the bottom of your refrigerator. However, if even after this you are unable to remove the excess frost build-up permanently, then it is better to contact the experts in Maytag for Fridge Repairs.

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