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6 Reasons Why You Are Getting Electrical Shock from Your Fridge

An electrical shock from an appliance in your home or office can be deadly. So, if you are experiencing this situation, call the local technicians in the Sydney suburb where you are in. They will diagnose and fix the issue. Anyway, today we will be looking at a few reasons why you are getting a shock from your fridge. And after going through these points you should do the needful immediately.

  • Exposed Electrical Outlets

If the electrical outlets in your home or office have broken or missing cover plates and if any part of your fridge touches the outlet, there is a chance that you might get a shock. Nevertheless, if you are experiencing this issue, you will need to call the professionals providing fridge repairs in Blacktown and other nearby suburbs.

They will arrive and test the power outlet as well as the components inside your fridge to find out the reason behind the problem. If they find that it indeed is an issue with the exposed outlet touching the fridge body, you will need to call an electrician to get it fixed.

  • Water Inside Fridge Components 

When and if water gets inside the components inside your fridge, they can create a temporary short circuit and electricity can flow throughout the fridge, even on the outer surface. Then, when you touch the fridge, you will get a shock.

For this reason, you should always keep your fridge away from water and make sure that water is not seeping inside the components from any nearby source.

  • You Do Not Have Grounding Installed

Grounding is necessary to prevent electrical shocks from appliances and other electrical devices. But if you do not have it installed on your property, you can experience this problem. So, if you are getting shocks from your refrigerator, call the professionals providing fridge repairs in Auburn and other nearby suburbs to get the issue diagnosed.

If the professionals do find that you do not have grounding installed, you will need to get it installed by calling electricians.

  • Short Circuit in Your Fridge Component(s)

Due to wear and tear or any other defect, components inside the fridge can get short-circuited. This might cause an electrical issue inside the fridge and can lead to improper flow of current. Therefore, if you find this issue, call the technicians quickly to inhibit any further damage to the components inside your fridge.

  • Electrical Surge

If you do not have a surge protector installed on your property, an electrical surge can lead to temporary short-circuiting even in the appliance body. This might be a reason why you are getting shocks from your fridge.

So, before calling the electricians call professionals providing fridge repairs in Abbotsford and other nearby suburbs for a check-up.

If they find that it is indeed a problem with the surge in electricity, you will have to do the needful. But if it is a fridge issue, they will fix it for you.

  • Faulty Wiring Insulation

When and if the wiring insulation in your property is faulty, you might get a shock from the electrical appliances. So, if you are facing the same with your fridge, calling the technicians immediately is what you need to do to prevent further hazards.

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