A 9 Point Checklist to Prevent Frequent Repairs of Commercial Refrigerators

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to ascertain that commercial fridges suffer more wear and tear than their domestic counterparts. But then, this can be controlled by some smart moves and you can keep the need for repairing and the cost thereof, to a minimum. Well, for that you will have to take professional help, but then, the cost of maintenance is surely much lesser than the repairing cost. Again, there are certain maintenance steps for which you do not have to summon any techie.

Then again, if you think from another angle, unless and until you have your commercial fridge checked and maintained by professionals, you cannot save it from getting out of order. So it’s best to keep your commercial fridge in top-notch condition at any given point in time. Now when it comes to picking the right pros for that, you need to hire a quality company. What better name can you opt for, than Commercial Fridge Repairs? We have the most vetted technicians who will do whatever it takes to keep your fridge free from glitches.

Here on this page, let us discuss the complete checklist to prevent the frequent need for fridge repairing.

Cleaning the Equipment:

Do not underestimate the power of cleaning. Cleaning makes a huge difference when it comes to maintaining your commercial fridge. Well, when it comes to cleaning just the interiors of the fridge, you can try things yourself. However, when it comes to technical cleaning, which involves cleaning of the evaporator coils, defrosting drain out pipes, the fan blades of the condensers, and the likes, you can hire our professionals. We can carry out various intricate commercial fridge maintenance and repairs in Ryde or other suburbs in Sydney. Our techies know the way to clean these intricate components.

Checking the Settings:

This is something that you can do yourself, provided that you have a notion of how stuff works in a refrigerator. You need to check the temperature and other settings daily. Ensure that the temperature is not set too low, as then your fridge will have to work harder to keep things cool, resulting in increased and faster wear and tear.

Defrosting as Scheduled:

You need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer while defrosting. Too much defrosting will create unnecessary workload on the refrigerator, causing it to trip at times.

Prevent Crowding:

Do not overcrowd the fridge interiors. When you overcrowd the fridge, it will prevent the free flow of the conditioned air, and prevent cooling. Again the fridge has to work hard to keep cool and thus suffer more wear and tear than normal.

Cleaning the Air Outlets to Maximise the Airflow:

For this, it is better to summon our seasoned mechanics who would inspect all ducts and air outlets to maximise the flow of cool air inside the fridge, thereby facilitating airflow and the desired cooling.

Inspection of Leaks and Seals:

Periodic inspection of air leaks needs to be carried out. Though you can inspect the gasket yourself, you need to summon techies for inspecting the drain tray for cracks and leaks, the compressor pipe, and the ruptures of condenser coils and the like.

Checking the Interior Lights:

This is a relatively simpler job, wherein you need to check out the interior lights. Well, this may appear a trivial issue, but if the lights generate more than normal heat, it only leads to lesser cooling and the fridge has to work harder to keep things cool. Again, this will result in more depreciation.

Cleaning the Coils:

You can hire techies from our company who provides fridge repairs in Sydney CBD or elsewhere near Sydney to have the condenser and the evaporator coils checked periodically and remove all the dirt and grime, grease, and other stuff from their surface.

Cleaning the Fan Blades:

This is another maintenance step that you need to entrust to the pros. Dirty blades of the fan will force the motor to work harder, to keep the blades rotating, as they increase in weight. This is a monthly job, which you must not forget about.

So you see, you need to summon quality technicians from a reputed company that has been in this business of commercial fridge repairs for years. With us around, there is no reason why you should look further.