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Why Condenser & Evaporator Coil Cleaning Keeps Commercial Fridges Up & Running?

In our last write up, we discussed a 9-point checklist to prevent frequent commercial fridge repair needs and minimise your refrigerator maintenance cost. If you had gone through that page you must have got a fair idea about things you need to do to keep your commercial refrigerator up and running smoothly for long. It will keep your heads of expenditure restricted to mere routine maintenance, instead of having to go for those out-&-out repairs and replacements of faulty spare parts that might distort your budget altogether. When it comes to maintenance of your commercial fridge, one of the steps includes having the condenser and evaporator coils cleaned by seasoned professionals.

Commercial fridges, due to their workload, understandably gather a lot of dust & debris on the evaporator and condenser coils and you need to have the very best in the business serving you, to clean them. On this page, we will discuss the benefits of having a clean condenser and evaporator coil in your commercial refrigerator.


It Saves a Lot of Energy

Condenser coils play a pivotal role in condensing and cooling the liquid refrigerant. The heat needs to be dissipated to cool the refrigerant. Thus, as dust and dirt accumulate on the condenser coils, their heat-releasing capacity decreases and they become less efficient. This results in overheating inside the refrigerator. When this happens the compressor has to work harder, using more energy. This means the energy efficiency of the fridge goes for a toss. By having the condenser coils cleaned periodically by an experienced technician of a company that offers professional fridge repairs and maintenance service in Parramatta like anywhere else, you can prevent this and ensure that your fridge runs energy efficiently for long.

It gives your fridge a longer lifespan

Dirty coils would compel the compressor to work harder, which will result in some excessive depreciation. This more-than-normal wear and tear will reduce the overall lifespan of the commercial refrigeration system, which anyway has to carry out more rigorous duties than its domestic counterparts. Thus, preventive maintenance is a far less expensive option and goes a long way to thwart major breakdowns and snags that may take a humongous amount to be repaired; more so if the glitch demands replacement of spare parts. Additionally, dirty condenser coils also harbour a lot of bacteria and mould, which will adversely affect the interior air quality!!!

It will reduce the frequency of breakdowns

As per the statistics, up to 80 percent of the refrigeration systems do not receive regular cleaning of condenser coils regularly. Dirty condenser coils turn out to be the most common reasons behind service calls that the companies offering fridge repairs in and around Parramatta receive every year. And this includes calls for repair of fridges from Westinghouse, Fisher & Paykel, and other brands. We at Commercial Fridge Repairs are no exception. As per the experts, clean coils can reduce the probability of these refrigerator breakdowns by up to 70%.


Because of the role they play, evaporator coils, just like the condenser coils, need to be maintained and cared periodically and kept as clean as they can be. This helps them to perform up to their intended potential and reach optimal energy efficiency. An unclean and gooey evaporator coil will cause a series of issues, which include:

  • Impaired absorption of heat and cooling capacity
  • Higher use of energy, resulting in higher power bills
  • Higher pressures and temperatures
  • Excessive build-up of frost and ice

Even a very fine layer of superficial dust on the evaporator coil of a refrigerator can markedly reduce its efficiency. With the dust layer acting as an insulator, it will retain the heat in and keep the air at bay from the cold coils. When that happens, the coils are unable to absorb heat to their fullest potential. Thus, the commercial fridge will have to run longer, to provide the intended interior temperature. In other words, the fridge will use more energy, spiking power bills.

Thus you see, cleaning evaporator coils is as important as cleaning condenser coils and we at Commercial Fridge Repairs are excellent in this. With years of experience and with some of the best experts at our kitty, we will come up with a highly efficient same-day repair service (subject to the gravity of the issue) that you will simply admire. To fix an appointment, call us at 0452 525 914 or get a free quote. We are available 24×7.