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Best Commercial Fridge Maintenance Tips to Increase Its Lifespan

The functions of a refrigerator are more than just keeping the foods cool. It helps in keep away hazardous bacteria from growing on your food. However, if you fail to maintain your fridge properly, then you can put your family as well as yourself at risk, as poor fridge maintenance might lead to the growth of bacteria on your foods, which will, in turn, cause foodborne diseases. Hence, it is highly important to implement effective techniques for maintaining your fridge. 

Given below are some of the top ways to extend the lifespan of your refrigerator:

  • Ensure to Check The Temperature of the Fridge and the Room Where it is Placed

Do you know that sometimes the refrigerator’s fail to operate well due to the temperature of the room they are placed in? It has been observed that a refrigerator does not operate well when the room temperature is too hot or too cold. Hence, when checking the temperature of the fridge, keep in mind the room temperature. Moreover, the temperature of a fridge fluctuates every season. Hence, to check the present temperature, you can locate a thermometer in the centre of the middle shelf. Make sure to store the food lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Clean the Spills Immediately

In order to perform best commercial fridge maintenance in Sydney to extend your refrigerator’s lifespan, you must ensure to clean out any kind of spills present inside your fridge. If you have accidentally spilt raw meat juice, then you must wipe it up immediately, as it might contain bacteria that will damage the rest of your foods present in the fridge. It is best if you defrost the meat on the shelf placed in the bottom. Make sure to place the meat in the covered container for reducing the chance of spills and cross-contamination. 

  • Do Not Store Too Much Inside Your Fridge

You need to ensure that there is proper airflow inside your refrigerator. Moreover, you need to ensure that the foods are cooled equally. Hence, you need to avoid an overcrowding inside the refrigerator by not putting too many containers. Proper airflow will ensure that your fridge functions well, and the life of the fridge lasts for long.

  • Perform Frequent Cleaning of the Condenser Coil

If your condenser has a large amount of dirt accumulated, then it will increase the amount of energy than usual for operating the fridge and can lead to failure at an early stage. To clean the condenser of your fridge, you can use a brush or vacuum, but make sure to unplug your refrigerator before beginning the cleaning process. Also, for better cleaning of the condenser, you can contact a certified company that provides top-quality fridge repairs in Merrylands

  • Check Your Door Gaskets for Gaps, Tears, or Air Leakages

Make sure that the door gaskets are sealed properly, as improper sealing will make the fridge run longer. This can cause an increase in the usage of energy and cause warm temps. Hence, the excess use of energy can damage your fridge. So, to extend the life of your fridge, you need to ensure that there are no gaps in the door gaskets. However, if even after sealing the door, gaskets air is leaking, then you need to call a technician.

Thus, these are some of the best tips to keep your fridge’s function intact and increase its lifespan. Also, for better maintenance of your refrigerator, you can call the certified technicians. 

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