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Commercial Fridge Repairs- What To DIY & What To Leave It To Us?

If you are in the food business, the last thing you want is your commercial refrigerator breaking down and causing you headaches! It is probably the worst thing that can happen to you.

But you know what works in such situations- clear knowledge of what you can fix and what you can”t! If you have little or no idea of what this, then here”s a lucid knowledge base for you.

What Can You Try And Fix?

“Your Refrigerator Not Cooling As Well As It Should And Hence It Is Working Overtime.”

If your commercial refrigerator unit doesn”t cool as efficiently as before, then it could be due to dirty seals or hot air getting into the unit repeatedly.

To prevent this, check the door seals. If they have cracks, they will not keep the cold air inside.

Look to turn off the unit and clean it using a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth.

Another thing you can do is prevent the refrigerator door from opening multiple times. This allows the warm air to get inside the unit and disrupt its optimal cooling.

If neither of these make a difference, then the problem could lie elsewhere. To tackle it, the wise choice would be to allow our experts offering fridge repairs in Sydney to check it out.

“Your Refrigerator Is Leaking Water On The Floor.”

If you come across water leaking from your unit, then it could be due to a blocked defrost drain. And that could be due to tiny food particles and dirt clogs being stuck in the hose.

Look to break down the clogs by using warm water through the pipe cleaner or funnel.

Furthermore, if this doesn”t work, look to remove those debris from the valve of the drain hose. Its rubber valve will lie at the base of the service panel. Clean it using soap and hot water, and then put it back.

If the issue still remains, then summon our experienced fridge repair technicians to figure out the real root of the issue.

“Build-Up Of Dust And Debris Around The Unit”s Condenser.”

If dust and debris accumulate around the condenser, it hampers the unit”s ability to cool effectively. In such instances; you should look to:-

See if there is anything that obscuring the motor fan. If the fan doesn”t get the right amount of airflow, it will overheat and automatically shut down like a safety mechanism.

If dust is covering the fan and overheating the unit”s inside, clean it immediately (and carefully)!

But if none of these makes a difference to the unit”s performance, then the issue could be serious. For that do contact us for our reasonable commercial fridge repairs Sydney.

What Should You Leave It To Our Diligent Technicians?

In lieu of all these issues, some commercial fridge issues are more intricate than others. And to deal with them; you will need our experienced hands and real-time industry knowledge. Here are some commercial fridge issues that you should leave it to us.

Compressor Malfunction:-

If the unit”s compressor has malfunctioned completely, then the only option left is to replace it. But since it is a key and complex unit of the fridge, it is better to leave the re-installation to our experts specialising in a wide range of commercial refrigeration repair service in Sydney at budgeted rates! For your knowledge; we provide you with same-day repairs using warranted spare parts.

Electrical Wiring/Power Issues:-

Does your commercial refrigerator have issues in powering up? Is yes, then it could be a power supply issue. Our experts will use a voltage detector to ensure the outlet still has voltage available.

However; we would suggest you not to try anything using extension cords. It will void their warranty and make our tasks difficult.

Temperature Controls:-

Is the bottle ridge not cooling? Or do you sense your unit”s cooling temperature fluctuating? Is so, then you may have issues in the temperature gauge- that”s giving you an incorrect reading. Another cause could be due to a blocked vent.

“Commercial Fridge Repairs”- will send our experts to thoroughly check the temperature gauge and replace it (if the need arises). If there are any blocked vents, they will happily clear it to ensure the thermostat is working properly.

Call @0452 525 91 and tell us the issue. We will gladly look into it and fix it professionally!