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Busting 6 Common Myths About Fridges Point by Point

Myths are something that can easily get entwined with facts and can do the rounds year after year. But debunking these myths actually proves to be beneficial and that is what we will be doing here today.

We will be particularly debunking six common myths regarding fridges. After that, when you gain an idea about what is correct and what is not, you will understand when to call technicians for repairs in Sydney or its suburbs and how to keep your appliance well-maintained.

Myth 1 – Food is Safe to Eat Even When the Fridge is Off 

This is a common myth that needs to be debunked.

No, the food inside your fridge will not be safe if the fridge is off for more than 4 hours. The cool air will evaporate through the coils and other microscopic openings and make your food go stale. But the food should be edible if the fridge is off for a few hours. Now if it’s a power cut issue, you will need to contact the electricians. But if it’s an appliance problem, call the technicians offering fridge repairs in Sydney and other nearby suburbs to get it fixed.

Myth 2 – Your Food will Stay Well-Preserved in the Fridge for a Long Time

This is another popular myth that has been going around for several years.

The food, especially organic items besides daily, meat, etc. will only stay fresh for three to four days. After that, even if they are stored at the right temperature, they will not be fresh and bacteria will form on the surface which is invisible to the naked eye. So, don’t keep the food items in your fridge for too long.

Myth 3 – Baking Soda Eliminates Fridge Odours

This is a myth that almost all experienced technicians performing fridge repairs in Abbotsford and other Sydney suburbs debunk.

The solution might be useful in dispersing a bit of foul smell from your appliance. But if the odour is too bad, it won’t work. Rather, you can use activated charcoal to get rid of the smell.

Myth 4 – Your Fridge Only Runs For a Limited Time Throughout the Day

You might assume that the fridge runs only for a few hours during the whole day since it starts and stops at specific intervals. But this is a myth. Your appliance is actually powered up 24/7. That means the compressor is ready. It just starts and stops as programmed to keep the cool air flowing inside smoothly.

Myth 5 – Fridge Repairs Only Consist of Cleaning

This is another myth and is believed by many. And no, if you call the mechanics performing fridge repairs in Kingswood and other Sydney suburbs to fix a problem, they will not only be ‘cleaning’ the internal components to resolve the problems. They will replace the components or solder the PCB to make the appliance operational.

Myth 6 – Cold Keeps Fungus Developing Inside The Fridge   

Yes, this is another myth that you should know so that you can keep your food items safe apart from the fridge itself.

There are certain bacteria and fungi that can not only grow but can also thrive well in extremely low temperatures. Also, they are capable enough to affect the food items. Therefore, periodic cleaning of your fridge is necessary.

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