restoration and coolroom performance
“Coil Efficiency Restoration & Coolroom Performance” – How They Relate?

Despite properly optimising your coolroom layout, if you come across your unit drawing too much electrical energy, then there’s something wrong in its performance. Once or twice is alright, but if this issue is ongoing, then it is a frustrating feeling like no other.

We, at Commercial Fridge Repairs; offering reliable fridge Repair services near Bondi detect the issue could be due to your equipment coil. And good science says- if your coil performance is at its peak, then it contributes immensely to the overall performance of the coolroom.

Here’s Diving Deeper Into This Issue:-

If your coolroom regularly gets an icy build-up, then there’s a good chance that it hampers the overall coil efficiency. It could be due to excessive moisture that’s coming out from a row of frozen meat/food components.

Or, perhaps the coolroom lies in a place where there is plenty of humidity. Regardless, this excessive moisture production condenses on coming in contact with the evaporator coils. And after the condensation starts to form, they freeze over.

Unfortunately for you, this keeps happening over and over till it forms a thick layer of ice, that eventually impacts the cooling mechanism heat transfer ability. Moreover, dust and debris gather over the condenser coils and bring about a similar effect on its heat release.

With the condenser not fully exposed, this makes it difficult for the refrigerant to cool and condense effectively.

Our Restorative Methodologies:-

As the aim is to expose the condenser coil; our team offering fridge repairs in Ashfield washes the dirt off from one coil and removes the ice from the next set of coils. For more severe conditions; our experts will use non-corrosive agents to soften and de-bind the ingrained dirt.

As for the outside, they will remove all dust and debris from the vents and filters. Replacements also are in order if some of the parts have gotten really filthy. However, once the ice is melted off the condenser coils, some traces of gunk and muck coating always remain.

But now being exposed to our experts, they adopt a genuine coil restoration cleaning technique to remove all the remains. Usage of the steam ablation technology will be included depending on the condition.

Once the condenser coil is cleaned and starts working like before; our experts will use data assembling instruments and proper auditing units to ensure the coolroom’s efficiency is restored to its peak.

Specialising In Other Not-So-Easy Fixes Too:-

In lieu of taking care of your coolroom condenser coils; our experts of fridge repairs in Bondi also handle other complicated coolroom issues like:-

Problems With The Fan:- We will inspect its present condition and decide accordingly how to go about with its repairs/replacements.

– Issues In Temperature Control Or Any Other Issue Related To Electrical Wiring:- Our experts will check, even help you regulate a proper temperature for all stored edibles. Plus, they will even sort out any existing electrical wiring issue (if the need arises).

Whatever cool room issue you face, feel free to let us know by calling @ 0452 525 914. We will be happy to assist you.