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Issues Related to Walk-in Freezer or Commercial Refrigerators and Possible Remedy

The ever-present refrigerators have a significant role to play in several restaurants and cafeteria and departmental stores. It remains the backbone for those shops, businesses, and industries that depend wholly on the consumption of the perishable food. Any problem arising because of any of the fault should be dealt with utter concern to evade the cases of financial and food loss.

Common Problem Associated with the Commercial Refrigerators

According to the technicians catering to Westinghouse fridge repairs, some of the common problems associated with the commercial refrigerator have always been the failure of the compressor or maintaining the pressure. In fact, these two failures are perhaps marked as the expensive losses to the product.

Some Common Issues

Diagnosis of High Discharge Pressure

There are several reasons associated with this issue. According to the expert technicians from Commercial Fridge Repairs, the probable causes of the high discharge pressure have been because of the dirty condenser coil, fan’s improper working, or system getting overcharged with the refrigerant.

The possible solution to the problem has been a thorough cleaning apart from reclaiming the excess refrigerant.

Some of the technicians have catered to industrial fridge repairs in Parramatta when the system has been diagnosed with low discharge pressure. This might be caused because of the leakages causing low suction pressure and insufficient refrigerant.

Huge Difference between Actual Temperature

There are at times when the refrigerators are seen showing improper temperature. This might cause the stored food to decay. As per the technician, any issue related to the temperature of the commercial refrigerator or walk-in freezer has been because of the improper functioning of the sensor. The thermostat present can fail to sense the temperature dip or rise inside the chamber, leading to either too much of freezing or vice versa.

Build-up of Heavy Frost in the Freezer Compartment

The probable cause of heavy frosting inside the compartment of the commercial refrigerators have been because of mainly two reasons- incomplete defrosting or failure of the thermostat to read the frost build-up.

The solution associated with it is either defrosting the system properly or checking if the sensor is working properly or not. Most of the commercial refrigeration repairs in Sydney involve a thorough inspection of the different system ascertaining that these are working properly.

Accumulation of Ice in the Drain Pan

Some of the restaurant owners have witnessed that their fridge was unable to deal with the ice as it got accumulated in the drain pan. The reason for this problem has always been because of the fault in the drain line or heater.

Compressor Not Working

Well, it is one of the most common problems associated with several fridges. Issues related to compressor have been reported either because of internal thermal overload or a defective coil. Therefore, to address the issue, the compressor needs to be repaired or replaced after a thorough assessment.


There can be issues with refrigerators on the ground of maintenance and operation. Addressing them well in time is always going to ascertain that the stored products are not wasted and there is no huge expense thereof.