Does Your Walk-In Coolroom Indicate These WARNING SIGNS?

Those of you are actively involved in running a restaurant or are into the food business, the importance of a fully-functioning commercial coolroom is undeniable. With a sudden breakdown, it can quickly lead to food spoilage, revenue wastage and even citations from the local health authorities.

As unfortunate as it may sound, every electrical appliance cannot function properly forever. There will come a stage when it will need repairs. The smart thing for you is to catch those warning signs that your coolroom indicates from time to time.

To help you, here are those common warning signs to watch out before you pick up your phone and call in the experts.

Let’s begin!

Building Up Of Frosts:


The commonest of signs is when the coolroom sees a build-up of frosts. This could be due to the humidity levels being off or excess condensation in the walk-in-door. If the frost builds up near the coolroom door, it could also mean that the sealing is not proper and the hot air is able to leak out easily. Furthermore, it could also be due to a damaged door gasket.

Whatever be the cause, call our experts at ‘Commercial Fridge Repairs’ and allow them to work their magic on your faulty coolroom.

Weird Noises:


Sizeable coolrooms run on built-in motors, and if you hear strange sounds when walking into the coolroom, then it could be that the unit’s motor needs professional repair. Another giveaway is when the motor is too hot to touch, and makes unusually loud noises.

But a faulty motor may not be the only culprit if the coolroom makes odd noises when running. It could be some other mechanical issue that requires replacing or repairing.

The safest way to isolate the issue and resolve it is to ask our trained and competent fridge repair experts serving Sydney and its nearing areas to check it out thoroughly.

They will know what to do to make the walk-in coolroom functioning properly again.

Occurrence Of Stale Or Odd Smells:

smell issue

If the coolroom is exuding a stale/unpleasant smell, then the chances are that the coolant and refrigerant are leaking out from the coolroom. When this happens, it tends to let out a distinct and obnoxious smell reminiscent of gases and particular cleaning chemicals.

Next time, if you get these unpleasant odours, be sure to contact out professional repairs to check it out properly.

Fluctuations In Its Temperature:


You expect to walk-in to a constant coolroom temperature, only to find that the cooling unit is fluctuating in temperature. Temperature fluctuations are never favourable for your inventory and possibly could result due to a malfunctioned sensor.

To ensure the temperature stays constant; you should ensure that all the coolroom doors are properly sealed, or that its doors are not propped open for a long period. With warm air inside, the coolroom needs to function harder to maintain optimal cooling temperature.

If you aren’t sure to check it out yourself, allow our experts to take a look. They have all the industry-specific knowledge, and providing commercial fridge servicing and maintainence of so many cooling units; they will regulate the cool room temperature right.

Leakage Issues:


Small puddles and damp floors prove more than an inconvenience. It indicates the larger problem at hand- like a damaged seal which possibly is letting the cool air escape and adding more woes to your monthly electricity bill. Other possibilities could be faulty or worn out insulation that is causing water to seep out.

It is another one of the common signs and something that should be taken care of immediately. Water leaks can give birth to mildew growth and mould- which can cause its own share of troubles.

Next time you see any puddles or water leaking signs in your commercial coolroom, don’t hesitate to contact ‘Commercial Fridge Repairs’ for its experienced repair technicians.

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