Why Does The Ice Maker of Your Fridge Overflow?

Refrigerators from the most reputed, trusted and the most technologically advanced brands can put you in a tight spot.

That is why, like any other appliance of any different brand name, fridges from any brand at times develop glitches, which leaves you frustrated. These glitches may vary in terms of gravity and nature from one another, but they are more or less equally frustrating for the end users of these appliances.

Here is where names like Commercial Fridge Repairs makes a difference. We are one of the most trusted names when it comes to addressing various issues faced by fridge users of different brand. Let us discuss one of the most frustrating issues faced by users – the problem of the ice maker overflowing.

What are the likely reasons behind this exasperating issue? Let us explore the most probable causes before you summon our techie. This will help you to understand the steps that our fridge repairs technicians in Stanmore takes to fix your fridge in the quickest possible time.

The WIV may be defective


The WIV or the Water Inlet Valve needs a minimum pressure of 20 psi to shut off completely. If the water pressure gets too low and is unable to attain that said mark, the valve may fail to shut completely, once the power is put off. This will leave the valve partially open causing water to leak into the ice maker, resulting it to overflow.

Faulty assembly of the ice maker


The ice maker of a refrigerator is made up of a number of critical components. They include the control module and motor, water valve, Thermostat and mould heater, ice mould, Harvesting, Sensing and Bail Arms.

Now the ice maker may overflow if and when any of these components develops snags. Since none of these components of the ice maker is sold separately, you need to either have the defective component fixed or have the entire ice maker replaced if it’s a beyond-repair defect.

Besides this issue, you can face a wide range of problems with your refrigerator days in and days out, more so when the appliance has got old enough.

The may include the refrigerator not cooling properly, the ice maker not working to the expected level, the fridge not defrosting.

Again, there may be instances when the fridge runs but makes a lot of noise, or the defrost drain gets blocked, or when the lights do not work.

In all these cases, you need to summon our technician, who will be able to address all these issues and solve them in a perfect way.

Our technicians are well experienced and are incredibly knowledgeable. This makes sure that the solutions they come up with are not only consistent but are rational as well. And they are cost effective as well.

So fret not as and when your fridge develops cracks the next time! Just get in touch with us through our official website at You can also call us at 0452 525 914. We will be more than ready to assist you and resolve your issue in no time at all!