Questions a Commercial Refrigerator Repair Company Would Ask To Fix Temperature Issues

Taking care of the commercial refrigerator is not a child’s play. You just cannot rely on any name to handle the appliance. A lot depends upon it, and even the footfall at your store will very much be determined by the health of the commercial refrigerator that you have.

That is the reason, as and when the fridge at your departmental store goes for a toss, you need to bank on the most proficient name, which will be able to address the issue and solve it at the earliest and in the most effective way.

This is where we at Commercial Fridge Repairs will score over the other names that are into fixing problems of these appliances.

The highly experienced techies of our companies, when summoned, make sure that the root cause of the issue is found and is eliminated from thoroughly so that your fridge does not develop the snag again!

Take, for example, the issues that prevent the fridge from getting too cold. Once summoned, the techie will carry out in-depth prove before starting the troubleshooting. This will help out techie to repair your commercial refrigerator in the most proficient way.

Here are some of the questions the techie will ask, or some of the areas the professional will be probing before coming to a conclusion and staring the troubleshooting.

Is the temperature gauge working fine?


This is the first question that out techie will ask you even before you summon them. You will be asked to double-check the temperature of your fridge with the help of a thermometer. If it shows that there is something with the gauge, then appropriate steps are taken by the technician.

Is the Unit too old or has been installed only recently?


Yes, this is another question you will be asked. If it is a pretty old one, then there may be a number of reasons behind it. However, if it’s a new one, you need to consult with the manufacturer as you are well within the warranty period.

Do you open the door a bit too often?


Quite simple! You keep the door open for a reasonably long time, or open and close it a bit too frequently and the interior does not get the chance to cool up. Again, stop it and you won’t need any service call at all!

Is the door of your refrigerator closing the way it should?


Well, that is a pretty serious question! At times, the gasket gets disoriented, or the hinges go for a toss, preventing the door from closing properly. The technicians from the professional commercial fridge repair company in Sydney would leave no stone unturned when it comes to fixing the issue instantaneously.

Is your refrigerator exposed to sunlight directly?


This is one of the reasons that might cause this overheating of your fridge. It also plays a role in preventing the interior temperature from attaining the intended plunge.

There are other issues that our techie would ask. It may include, whether the fridge is too full with the content, or is there is any displacement of the shelves or the appliance is too close to the wall or any other electrical apparatus.

Now all these would point towards the fact – how competent our techies are and how thorough they are in their approach. This is one of the reasons, why we at Commercial Fridge Repairs are one of the most sought after names today. This also proves our transparency nevertheless!

Therefore, if you have any issue with your commercial fridge, just get in touch with us, and we will look at it with the utmost care!