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Factors to Consider While Summoning a Fridge Repair Company in This Pandemic

This pandemic has turned the world upside down. Things that used to come flawlessly earlier, now come painstakingly. We had to change our decades old habit, and adopt a neo-normal way of living and that had to change our approach in many spheres of life. Take for instance, the issue of summoning a fridge repair company in case your fridge is showing snags. Previously, it was not even worthy of discussing and was as simple as a daily chore. However, with the COVID 19 Pandemic striking hard, there is a lot to take into account at present, before hiring a company for fixing a malfunctioning fridge. And this is applicable for both the sides. While the customers have to be cautious while hiring, the companies offering commercial fridge repair services have to take into consideration a lot, before visiting their customers. This is where we at Commercial Fridge Repairs make the difference. We would adhere to the norms strictly, to ensure every condition rules are met on the ends – ours and that of the customers’.

What We Need To Know As A Service Provider?

If you are located in Seven Hills and looking for a fridge repair company, you need to make sure that:

The service provider you summon strictly adheres to the set rules and regulations that are to be maintained. This includes, wearing masks and gloves, maintaining a minimal social distance, limiting interactions with the family members and even pets. We, as a responsible service provider, offering fridge repairs in Seven Hills would stick to that, ensuring we are never a potential source of any infection.

What Is Your Responsibility? 

As a customer, you have the responsibility of maintaining the same level of caution and cleaning and disinfecting the site and the adjoining areas once the techie from the provider of fridge repairs in Kingswood is done with and gone.

Besides, you need to check the local health department to see if there are any community restrictions in place.

In case you have been infected by COVID or any member of your family is infected, it is your responsibility to cancel the visit of the techie from the company offering fridge repairs in Greenacre till everything is fit and fine.

And in case there is any too old and frail family member at your home, you must notify the same. Any reputable company, offering fridge repairs in Bondi or elsewhere near Sydney will take evasive restrictive measures before visiting your home.

What You Need to Do During the Visit?

Firstly, do not allow the techie without a mask and ensure that the person is fit and fine.

Do not let the person enter too deep into your home. However, if your fridge is located too deep, move away and tell your family members to do the same. Restrict your pet and sanitise properly after the techie, offering fridge repairs in St Marys has left.

During the service, ensure maximum ventilation in the room where the repair is being done.

So you see, be it Maytag Fridge or Fisher and Paykel fridge repairs, you need to maintain all these norms. And remember to hire a company that follows these norms as well. This is where we at Commercial Fridge Repairs are perfect and too much professional at. To know about further details, in case you need our service, call us anytime. We are open 24×7.