Fridge Installation
Few Essential Requirements of Fridge Installation

A substantial number of people think that they can purchase a fridge online and can install it themselves. Hence, there is no need to consult an expert and go for some extra expenses. This is a myth and it is high time to bust it. When it comes to installing a fridge, it asks for quite some essentialities.

Indeed, that is the reason a substantial number of people call us, complaining about problems resulting from faulty installation. Indeed, a substantial number of service calls that we at Commercial Fridge Repairs register are due to issues resulting from the faulty installation of the fridge.

Here are the 4 essential requirements that you need to meet to flawlessly install your fridge – both commercial as well as domestic.

Requirements Related to Power

  • The fridge must be installed close enough to any power outlet so that the plug can access it without any difficulty. Make sure there is no tension on the power cord.
  • Ensure that eh fridge is not accidentally switched off. Hence, connect the appliance to an exclusive powerpoint. Never connect any other appliance using a multi-plug socket or extension cords.
  • Make sure that your fridge is properly earthed or grounded. In many cases, customers are found wanting in this area and this leads to a series of power-related issues  that knock the appliance out of order, raising the needs for fridge repairs and some unnecessary expenses

Location-related Requirements

  • Do not install the fridge at a location, from where it will receive direct sunlight.
  • Also, make sure you do not set it up close to any heat generating gadgets like a cooktop or a dishwasher.

In both cases, the sunlight and the heat will thwart the cooling effort of the fridge to a considerable extent. This means the condenser will have to extra hard to keep things cool and will hence, the fridge will consume more energy. The life of the fridge will drastically reduce.

The Stability Factor

This is a simple, yet important factor that people have to consider while installing their fridge. It is essential to make sure that all the 4 corners of your fridge and its base steadily supported rest on the surface after the fridge is set up. This will ensure there is no movement of the cabinet. Installation of the fridge on an uneven or soft floor will cause the cabinet to twist and dislocation of the door seal. This will allow the entry of warm air, causing the temperature to rise and spoil the foodstuff inside.

One has to make sure that the front leveling foot at the hinge side takes the lion’s share of the cabinet’s weight. This will stabilize the cabinet and it will not shudder or wobble when the fridge runs and the motor is turned off and on by the preprogrammed thermostat.

You need to raise the front portion of the appliance till it is stable and you can see the doors moving inwards towards the rim of the door to close automatically, when open. This makes sure the door does not remain open, even if you forget to close it manually.

Hence, you see, there are so many intricacies related to the installation of a fridge. Any miscalculation in this regard will trigger off problems that may snowball to really serious issues, compelling you to call a technician who carries out fridge repairs in Sydney or any other place, depending upon your place of residence.

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