Fridge Repair Service
7 Most Common Problems that are Addressed by Fridge Repair Service

When we speak of fridge repairs, there no shortage of problems. Indeed, households are plagued by a wide range of issues that their fridge encounters. Some of them are simple and are easily fixed, while others are complicated and can be fixed only after the intervention of a quality company like Commercial Fridge Repairs who does fridge repairs in and around Sydney.

Well, there are too many issues that we at Commercial Fridge Repairs fix. Of them, the ones that are mostly encountered by our techies when they visit our clients on service all are:

Defective MCB  

At times the fridge refuses to start due to snag in the Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB). When there is an issue with the MCB, it turns out to be a leading cause of the breakdown of the refrigerator. This is something that can only and only be fixed by professionals doing fridge repairs in Sydney or elsewhere, depending upon your problem.

Inadequate Power Supply

One of the leading reasons behind your fridge not working properly is an inadequate power supply to the unit, Hence, it is imperative to check the power supply and the outlet voltage, with the help of the multimeter and a voltage tester device.

Faulty Motor 

When a motor develops a defect, it results in a stoppage or malfunction of a refrigerator. In a number of cases, the appliance shuts down immediately or does not start at all, if and when the motor develops a snag. In these cases, our techies carrying out Fridge Repairs in Westinghouse would vouch for replacement of the motor.

Glitchy Compressor 

The compressor is said to be the very heart of a refrigerator. The main function of the compressor is to maintain the cycle of refrigeration. If the fridge stops functioning, it might be caused by a defective compressor.

Problems with the compressor may result in the fridge to shut off. Hence, it is the responsibility of a technician who repairs the fridge in Ultimo to see if the compressor is clean as well as properly lubricated. Maintaining the refrigerator is the gateway to keep the start-up problem of the refrigerator at minimal.

Dirty Condenser Coils 

The responsibility of the condenser coils is to convert the high-pressure gas into a high-pressure liquid. The condenser coil dissipates heat and hence, if it remains covered with dirt, the refrigerator will either not properly, or not work at all.

Defective Start Capacitor 

When a fridge is switched ON, the start capacitor receives a signal from the thermostat to activate the compressor and trigger the refrigerator cycle of the fridge. However, a faulty start capacitor will fail to transmit that signal, and hence the fridge will not resume its function at all.

Snagged Thermostat

When a thermostat develops snags, it is a serious problem for the refrigerator. A faulty thermostat is unable to transmit the start signal to the start capacitor, and thus, the refrigerator fails to start up.

Thus you see, there are so many types of issues that a refrigerator can develop. Well, these are not all – there are other issues as well, and when it comes to solving them, what you need is a seasoned refrigerator repair company that is home to some of the best technicians.

What better name can you opt for, than Commercial Fridge Repairs? For further details, call us at 0452 525 914.