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Wondering if Those Leftovers Are Good to Use? Refrigerator Food Storage Guide
  • Are you pondering on how long can you keep your food in the fridge- before they go bad?
  • What about your meat or daily items?

This post below will explain the storage life of your commonly used refrigerated items along with sharing some key info on keeping them fresh for long.

Truth be told, sell-by dates are not usually the most countable indicators of storage items whenever something goes bad. And due to this, it can often be difficult to know exactly how long is too long for certain items inside your refrigerator.

Hopefully, this food storage guideline will educate on how long you should store certain items inside your refrigerator. Follow closely!

  • For Dairy Products Namely Milk & Cheese

Opened dairy milk packets are consumable for 3-5 days (at max). And opened cheese products should not be stored for any more than 2-3 weeks.

  • For Eggs

Fresh eggs should not be stored any more than 2-5 weeks. As for cakes or products involving eggs, they should not be stored for more than 1-2 days.

  • For Pre-Cooked or Cured Meat

Packed deli, pre-cooked or cured meat can last for 2-weeks without going bad. But if you have already opened the pack, then look to finish it inside 4 days, or else it will go bad.

  • For Raw & Ground Meat

For raw meat like steaks, roasts or chops, don’t store it any more than 5 days, at max. As for ground meat, finish consuming it within a couple of days.

  • For Vegetables

For broccoli, lettuce, peppers, beans and cucumbers, try and consume it inside a week. For corns, carrots, celery, the storage span is 2 weeks.

  • For Fish

Shellfish and raw fish should not be stored for more than a couple of days. As for leftover cooked seafood, the appropriate storage life is 3-4 days, at max.

  • For Poultry

Regardless of whole poultry or parts, finish consuming it inside a couple of days. And for leftover cooked poultry and meat, don’t store is more than 3-4 days. After that, it starts developing a smell and becomes unsafe for consumption.

  • For Fruits

For citrus fruit, store it for 3-weeks. For berries, finish them within 3 days. As for avocados, the storage span is 3-7 days.

Extra Tips from Notable Fridge Repair Experts to Keep Stored Food, Fresh for Long

Experienced technicians offering commercial fridge repairs across Sydney share these tips to keep your stored food items fresh for long.

According to them –

  • You should keep your refrigerator temperature below or at 40°F
  • Adjust the freezer temperature at 0°F
  • Refrain from slicing food if you’re not planning to eat them
  • Avoid storing your dairy, fruits, meats and vegetables in the same crisper. Keep them separate. For fruits, keep them with humidity controls at a low setting.
  • As for storing your vegetables, set humidity control at a higher setting.
  • If there are leftover items in your fridge, look to store them in airtight containers.
  • Never store any perishable goods in your refrigerator door, simply because the temperature is warmer.
  • Lastly, don’t overcrowd your refrigerator as it can block proper cool air circulation and result in warm spots.

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