Freezer Defrosting
Defrosting Your Freezer – How Often Should You Do It?

Many users are happy to delay or ignore defrosting their freezer for as long as they can. But The Real Question Here Is How Frequently Should You Defrost Your Freezer?

For most manual defrost freezer units, you need to maintain its efficiency by defrosting it every time it forms a quarter-inch of ice on its interior. You may even come across some users who defrost their freezing unit once a year. But this is a mistake on their part and clearly something which you should not think of repeating.

Commercial Fridge Repairs- your trusted experts for all fridge and freezer repairs in Parramatta suggests that you should defrost your freezer depending on your use. If you wish to increase the frequency of defrosting, you will need to change your habit of limiting the time you keep those doors open.

You can even keep an inventory list of all the stuff there is in the freezer which limits your need to check it often.

Our Repair Experts Suggest These Tips for Defrosting Your Freezer

  • You can speed up the defrosting process by keeping the fan aimed towards the freezer. Set it high to help push the cooler air out of your freezer and allow the ice to melt quickly. However, we would suggest you check the freezer’s manual prior to starting.
  • Also take time to clean your freezer’s condenser coils and inspect the unit’s door gasket. Remove items which have exceeded its storage span and are unsafe for consumption.
  • Take out all drawers, storage boxes and ice-cube trays. Find out the freezer’s drain plug (exterior and interior ones) and yank them out. If you notice that the exterior drain is threaded, use a garden house and transfer the water either outside or to a floor drain. But if it is not, then use a bunch of old towels to soak up the water as the ice slowly melts.
  • Leave the door open for a few hours to allow the freezer to defrost properly. However, keep your eyes on it as you may need to replace the towels. Refrain from scraping the ice out as a means to speed up the defrosting process. You could potentially damage your freezer unit.
  • As the freezer is completely defrosted, use a quality all-purpose cleaner to wipe the interior. Once cleaned, plug it back in and adjust the thermostat to zero degrees.
  • When the freezer is back to its set temperature, put everything back inside.

Defrosting your freezer frequently is one way to boost its efficiency and storage. Most users believe late winter or early spring tend to be the most appropriate time to defrost your freezer simply because there is less food inside after an entire winter season of surviving on previous year’s harvest. And although this is not wrong, we believe that there is no hard and fast rule as such.

On an average, you should look to defrost your freezer, once every 2-3 months. But again as stated above, how often you defrost your freezer is highly dependent on your use.

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