Commercial Fridge Repairs
How the Technicians Test Refrigerators After They Are Done with Repairs?

After the technicians are done with their commercial fridge repairs they, in many cases test the fridges for one last time, before handing them over to the users, more so if the repairs have been extensive. On this page, let us have a quick look at the process.

Use of Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs)

Setting up a refrigerator for testing is a lengthy as well as arduous mechanism. The professionals conducting fridge repairs generally use Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs). They would set them consistently all throughout the entire refrigerator in various strategic points. This would enable the professionals conducting testing to evaluate the health of not just one area but throughout the entire fridge – each compartment, shelf, the vegan tray, the deep fridge and elsewhere. It will enable them to evaluate if the given refrigerator is warmer and cooler than what it used to be. Quality professionals offering fridge repairs in Darlinghurst or elsewhere generally replicate these areas as per the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4474.2.

The techies would let your refrigerator into a facility with a fluctuating temperature wherein the range varies from 5 to 45 degree celsius. In this way the elements of the refrigerator and the critical parameters are evaluated and the variables are minimised, to see how the fridge performs in that testing conditions. The techies would use the Australian standard testing, and then conduct further tests before it is handed over to the user.

The Energy Test

Our experts would test the manufacturer’s energy usage as per the Australian standard. The test conducted by our experts offering fridge repairs in Castle Hill would assess the comparative energy consumption, which shows in the form of a number on the energy level that you will find on the frontal portion of the fridge. It will give an indication of the electricity consumption by the refrigerator.

What is the Score Sheet of Refrigerator Testing That We Maintain?

During the testing, overall score sheet that we maintain is as follows:

  • Temperature stability (30%)
  • Temperature range (25%)
  • Response to exterior temperature change (20%)
  • Default setting (5%)
  • Temperature evenness (20%)

That is the standard procedure that our technicians offering fridge repairs in Blacktown would maintain as and when they would carry out testing of the refrigerator, once that the refrigerator is repaired.

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