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Reasons Behind Rapid Temperature Change in Fridge and Repairs Needed

Is the temperature of your fridge fluctuating rapidly? Well, there may be a number of reasons behind this. So it is practically impossible to find out the precise reason behind the phenomenon by taking an apparent look. Hence, on this page, let us look into the probable reasons behind.

Apparently, this happens when the settings of the thermostat of your fridge has changed, or if you have the habit of keeping the door of your fridge open for too long and too frequently. But there are other reasons behind it as well. On this page, let us take a sneak peek into the issue, which is at times, reason enough to hire professionals for fridge repairs in Sydney CBD.

Blocked Vents

One of the most common reasons behind fluctuating fridge temperatures is blocked vents. Vents are the gateway for the exhaustion of the warm air, as part of the cooling process. Now if and when the air cannot escape due to clogged vents, it will naturally heat the refrigerator up. Thus, the fridge has to have a couple of inches of breathing space on all sides to ensure it gets proper ventilation and the intended internal temperature is well maintained. You need to hire a trained techie to remove the blockage of the vents.

Blocked Sensors of Thermostat

Another issue that can trigger off the same problem is blocked thermostat sensors. If you have placed the containers of foodstuff wrongfully so that it blocks the thermostat sensors, or if you have kept them too close to the thermostat sensor, they are bound to render the thermostat less effective, affecting the temperature.

Also, if you place too hot containers too close to the thermostat, it will lead the temperature of your fridge to get too cold. On the other hand, if the food nearest to the thermostat is too cold, it will lead to the rest of the fridge getting too warm. Well, this is a pretty superficial reason that does not demand the intervention of any technician. You can simply rearrange the content of the inside of your fridge to stabilise the temperature.

But there are issues affecting the temperature, which require intervention of the techies offering fridge repairs in Abbotsford.

Filthy Compressor Coils

Refrigerators would need to use a refrigerant system for removing the interior heat. Essentially, a continuous cycle of gas compression & evaporation goes inside the fridge generating heat that has to be dissipated somewhere. The compressor coils play the role. Hence, if coils are not clean and are full of dirt, dust and filth, then it will fail to do its job of releasing the heat, thereby causing the internal temperature of the fridge to increase or fluctuate. When this is the cause, you need to hire a technician, who is experienced in fridge repairs in Camperdown or elsewhere.

A Faulty or Ruptured Door Seal

With age, the door seal or the gasket gets stiff and ruptured. When that happens, that allows exchange of internal and external air, leading to rapid fluctuation of the internal temperature.

Fluctuation of temperature can also happen due to malfunctioning or broken electrical components.

Now these things can happen to any fridge, regardless of the brand. Thus, if you have a Westinghouse, that will not spare you from the issues. In that can, you need to hire a technician who is specialised in Westinghouse fridge repairs.

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