Refrigerator Compressor Repair
Is Your Refrigerator Compressor Faulty? Look For These 3 Clear Symptoms

Whenever your reliable refrigerator goes on the fritz, it can prove to be a huge pain. Sometimes, you may not even know what the problem is simply because most of its issues are very difficult to detect early on.

Take the example of a faulty compressor. Its malfunctioning symptoms remain unknown to you and by the time you do figure it out, it suddenly breaks down and renders your refrigerator useless.

As it so happens, this one fault will lead to a few more and that will inevitably lead to hundreds of dollars of wasted food.

To ensure you don’t have to go through that horrible experience, ever, Commercial Fridge Repairs- your one-stop-solution to all refrigerator/freezer issues shares these 3 common signs which prove that your refrigerator has a problem of a faulty compressor.

The Compressor Fan Stops & Your Refrigerator Starts To Make Strange Noises

You should know that the compressor fan is a very important part of your refrigerator system.  It prevents your unit from excessively heating up and even helps cool it down.

When its fan ceases to run; you will notice your refrigerator making some strange noises. Leaving it unattended will only make this issue worse, and may potentially give rise to another problem.

To help you resolve this issue; our experts offering fridge repairs in and around Ashfield will happily come over your place and replace the faulty fan.

The Compressor either Doesn’t Run At All or Clicks On & Off

Does your refrigerator compressor click on and off sometimes? And ceases to run, at other times? If yes, then it could indicate some issues in its start-relay.

Our fridge repair experts suggest that it could also be due to your refrigerator compressor overloading. In such a case you need to inspect the compressor immediately as our repair technicians believe it could potentially burst if not serviced professionally.

To prevent such catastrophes; you need either check the compressor using an amp metre or simply call in our technicians offering fridge repairs in Darlinghurst to take care of it for you.

In the majority of cases, this problem could be due to a filthy start relay and may require just proper cleaning and maintenance to resolve it. Still, it pays to summon our professional fridge repairers and get it checked out for your peace of mind.

The Refrigerator Isn’t Cooling As It Should

When your reliable refrigerator stops cooling entirely or doesn’t cool as it should, that’s when you should start worrying. This is one of the clearest indications that your refrigerator compressor is faulty.

What you need to do is get it tested properly with a compressor motor. This will give you a proper idea of what’s going on. You can try and perform the test yourself. But since most compressors situated at the back of your refrigerator feature a capacitor; it is best to let our professionals offering fridge repairs in Camperdown check it out on your behalf.

So there you have it – 3 clear giveaways that your refrigerator compressor is possibly faulty and in need of professional servicing.

If any of these signs apply to you; then Call Us or Request A Service Quote whenever you see fit.