Nasty Smell in Your Refrigerator? – Poor Maintenance is Responsible

You might have always blamed the rotten veggies or meat kept inside your refrigerator for a long time whenever you found out a nasty odour inside. However, it’s high time for you to make sure that you give a close look at your refrigerator. There might be some issues with your fridge too that are leading to the odour.

In this blog, we are presenting some revelations for you. Food and liquid spills are undoubtedly responsible for the bad odour in the refrigerator. But, your fridge components have an equal share in it too. Take a look.

Plastic Interior Body Can Cause the Odour

One of the prime reasons behind the refrigerator odour might be the plastic interior body. Plastic can lock odour. And, whenever you start keeping veggies or protein inside your fridge, the smell gets locked inside. The only way to get rid of it is either changing the refrigerator or scheduled cleaning.

According to the experts of fridge repairs in Surry Hills using baking soda is considered as an immediate solution to this problem. It contains sodium bicarbonate that neutralises the odour and restores the pH balance. Mix one cup of baking soda with 1 gallon of water and use this mixture to clean up the interior of your refrigerator.

As an alternative, you can also use 1 cup of ground coffee and place it inside the refrigerator. It absorbs odour like magic.

The Drip Pan can be the Culprit

Most of the refrigerators have a drip pan under the fridge unit. This unit continuously collects condensation produced by the unit after it cools down. If it becomes mouldy due to the excessive pile-up. If the drip pan is not cleaned on time, the odour is natural.

During your busiest hours in the restaurants, following the instruction manual, dismantling the drip pan and cleaning it up can be a stressful task indeed. Therefore, you should better call up our experts of fridge repairs in Manly who will carry out the work efficiently for you to make sure your refrigerator smells good at all times.

Your Vegetable Bins Feature Crevasses

That can be the source of bad odour coming from your refrigerator. The vegetable juice or milk may be dripped inside the vegetable bins and stayed there. Lack of proper maintenance is undoubtedly the most believable reasons for the awful smell.

If you have opted for the preventive maintenance service from the professionals of fridge repairs in Ashfield, they could have taken care of the entire situation. It’s simple! For the patchwork, you can use a homemade solution made with warm water and dish soap. Wait until our professionals arrive and give your fridge a thorough deep cleaning.

Final Words

So, these facts clearly prove the fact that your refrigerator components can be the reason for bad odour too along with rotten foods. It all comes down to the lack of maintenance that has actually turned impossible for you due to the excessive work pressure you are facing.

No worries when Commercial Fridge Repairs is there to help.

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