Reasons Why Your Compact Fridge Shakes a Lot and How It Can Be Fixed

A compact refrigerator is best for storing cold beverages or a few other food items. But if you notice that the fridge is shaking a lot, there can be certain causes which we will explore here. In addition, we will also take a look at how technicians in Sydney and its suburbs fix these judders.

Thus, if you are wondering whether your fridge can at all be fixed, worry not. You will need to call experienced technicians.

Anyway, let us now take a look at the reasons why you are experiencing this weird problem in your fridge!

  • Faulty Compressor

This is the number one reason why your fridge shakes when the compressor is starting or shutting down.

With time, compressors tend to wear out. They lose stabilisation and to start or to shut down, the components inside require extra effort which typically makes the appliance shudder. So, if you are experiencing this problem, get your appliance checked by technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Sydney and its suburbs.

If the technicians find that the source of the issue is indeed the compressor, they will repair it to minimise or get rid of the problem fully.

  • Faulty Fan Motor

A worn-out fan motor can also cause the fridge to shake. So,  this problem can be seen mostly in fridges that are quite old.

Though a light tremor is not much problematic, constant jarring especially when the compressor starts or stops can be. So, you should call in technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Campbelltown and other Sydney suburbs whenever faced with this issue to avoid exacerbation of the situation.

They will examine the fridge, and if they find that the fan motor is malfunctioning, they will replace the same to prevent the appliance from further quivers.

  • Even or Uneven Ground

Ground uniformity can also be a contributing factor to the shuddering of your compact fridge. And it might be hard for you to believe that both even and uneven ground can lead to trembling of the fridge.

Generally, compact fridges tend to shake more when they are placed on smooth surfaces such as cabinet tops or tile floors. Since the ground is near and mostly flat, the fan motor will make more noise due to the default inclination. But to fix the same, you can attach Velcro chips to the bottom of the appliance. However, if the issue persists, you need to call in technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Strathfield and other Sydney suburbs for a thorough inspection.

  • The Fridge Size

It might sound strange but the size of the fridge itself can contribute to the shaking.

These mini fridges are generally designed to fit in small spaces such as cabinets and other furniture pieces. But this small size implies a smaller compressor size. However, the working mechanism of a larger compressor and a smaller one is the same. So, even if the fridge and the compressor is small, the start and stop function affects the appliance which creates the shudder.

For this reason, technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Bondi and other Sydney suburbs recommend that you avoid keeping them on cabinet tops or inside pieces of furniture. Rather, if you place them on the ground, you can prevent the judders.

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