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What Causes A Fridge Explosion & How To Prevent It?

Refrigerator explosions are RARE. But when they happen, they are downright dangerous and have the potential to obliterate your entire family and even rupture a few neighbouring houses along with it.

Having worked with numerous faulty (and even potentially dangerous) refrigerator units over the years, we at Commercial Fridge Repairs- your experts for all fridge repairs in Blacktown believe:-

“The reason why refrigerator explosions are so dire and dangerous is because they occur spontaneously. Other fire hazards which happen due to a stove or a toaster would often create smoke which will trigger off the fire alarm and alert everyone in the building.

BUT MOST FRIDGE EXPLOSIONS (which have been reported so far) happen without any warning! One minute you see it working fine and the next, BOOM!”

Reason Why Your Fridge EXPLODES?

The main reason why your refrigerator explodes is due to its compressor- which is situated at the back of the unit. It consists of a pump and motor which pushes the refrigerant gas right through its coils. As this gas cools and changes into liquid, it absorbs the heat from the fridge unit and helps cool all the items inside.

But at times, the rear side of the refrigerator can get really hot as the refrigerant keeps moving through the compressor. And when this happens, it causes the condenser coils to contract. This traps the gas preventing it from venting out. And as more gas accumulating inside the compressor coil, with time, the pressure causes a dangerous explosion.

However, this risk is mainly limited to owners having a refrigerator that’s over 8-10 years old… (so far)!

To prevent your refrigerator from blowing itself and everything around to smithereens, our diligent technicians offering fridge repairs in Bankstown recommend cleaning its compressor coils and ensuring they are not clogged.

Furthermore, those experts even state:-

‘Most houses or commercial set-ups having a fridge or freezer will most likely be plugged to a powerpoint. And in majority of the cases, it may even function safely for years without any signs that it could cause a potential explosion.

But truth be told- these are the most dangerous appliances in your facility, and that is because they consist of flammable foam insulations made with thin plastic covers.

In all fairness, this is a clear recipe for disaster if an electrical fault occurs, or if a fire caused by another appliance reaches your fridge or freezer.

Moreover, as they are among the few appliances which function non-stop, they always pose a potential fire hazard (even life-threatening blasts) when people sleep at night.’

Is There A Way To Be Sure That Your Present Fridge Is Safe?

Even though it is very difficult to pick up signs in a fridge which may explode, our experts offering fridge repairs in Granville and Stanmore suggest a full-fledged inspection and applicable maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

Also, if there are potentially damaged or worn out parts, look to repair or replace it immediately, before they take the shape of something very dangerous.

So, as summer has already hit Australia, it’s best to get your oh-so reliable refrigerator unit inspected immediately. Call us @ 0452 525 914.

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