Which Parts of Your Refrigerator Attract Maximum Dirt?

If you follow the experts’ take on refrigerator maintenance (both residential and commercial), you will get to know they always stress cleaning. Scheduled cleaning of the refrigerator does not only help in maintaining the hygiene of the fridge, but at the same time, the longevity of the fridge is also extended.

Proper cleaning of refrigerators is counted as a part of preventive maintenance that the professionals of fridge repairs in Glebe count the most. So, if you are not finding enough time in your hand for carrying out the cleaning, you can always ask for professional help.
However, if you decide to do it on your own, the very first things you ought to know are the areas of your refrigerator that attract the maximum amount of dirt. Give it a good read to the following.

Door Gasket

First comes the door gasket. It is considered as the fastest perishable part of your refrigerator. As you open and close the fridge frequently, the gasket starts showing the signs of damage within a few days.

Moreover, the presence of dirt on the gasket turns the perishing rate even faster. Also, dirt on the fridge door gasket can lead to unwanted food contamination. So, cleaning the door gasket occasionally with the help of the fridge repairs experts in Alexandria is recommended here.

Condenser Coil

The next part of your fridge to look at for dirt accumulation is the condenser coil. Both the condenser coil and fan attracts a huge amount of dirt. And, negligence towards the condenser coil dirt may lead to a premature shut down of your refrigeration unit — all you need a stiff brush, a vacuum cleaner, a screwdriver and a grease cleaner.

Ice Maker

Has any of your customers complained about smelly ice in their beverages or drinks? Well, the main culprit behind this situation might be neglected ice maker. It will not only lead to smelly ice but at the same time, it can make you fall sick as well.

This will even turn into a serious health code violation. According to the professionals of fridge repairs in Stanmore, be sure of defrosting and cleaning the ice maker of your refrigerator as frequently as possible. That way, you will be able to prevent food contamination.

Interior Shelves

The interior shelves of your fridge take a lot of torture. The food spills, juice from the fruits and veggies you store get stuck on the shelves. The shelves are the easiest parts of your refrigerator for clean-up.

Just take any regular cleaning agent, spray it on the stains and spots of the shelves and wipe with a microfibre cloth. This way, you will also become successful in keeping the fridge interior odour-free.

Final Words

Along with the interior parts of the fridge, you ought to take care of the exterior part too. Take a piece of cloth to clean up your fridge body. Along with the refrigerator shelves, you should take care of the door handle also. Because, every time you shut the door after taking out something from the fridge, the spills remain intact on the door handle.

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