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Why Does Your Fridge Keep on Tripping Electricity?

Is your kitchen going through power outages every now and then? All you need to do is to flip the circuit breaker and see if the issue persists. If it does then that’s a red flag for your appliances and your refrigerator is no exception. If the refrigerator is sufficiently filled up and energy efficient it should run continuously. If the circuit breaker trips once in every hour or so, that indicates that your refrigerator is kicking on and off. That also indicates, the refrigerator is not able to run its cooling cycle to the fullest cycle. When that happens, the content inside the refrigerator will not attain the desired coolness as well.

Unfortunately, this is not just a problem that can affect your refrigerator. Certainly, your priority is cold and fresh food. If the beaker keeps on tripping every hour it will affect the functionality of the refrigerator. You must hire the best technician offering fridge repairs in Abbotsford.

What Should Be Done Before Starting Off

The issue with the refrigerator is that the appliance will shut off the electricity. However, that does not mean you have been found wanting in taking the proper precautions before the repair. It indicates that you had added all the necessary precautions and had taken all the viable methods to troubleshoot the issue. Yet, it has to be some external forces like a component malfunction that has been responsible. Also, it might also be that the fluctuation of electricity has caused any appliance to malfunction. In such cases, the technician will check if the component(s) of the fridge is faulty or if it is the electricity and fluctuation that is causing the issues.

Let us assume that it is malfunctioning of some of the components of your fridge that is causing it to trip. And one more thing – it can happen to any fridge of any brand, including Westinghouse Fridges. In that case though, you need to hire the best techies providing Westinghouse Fridge Repairs.

Faulty Compressor Relay

If your refrigerator trips frequently, a faulty compressor can very well be one of the reasons. Every time the compressor turns on for running the entire cooling cycle, it trips the breaker. As and when this happens, the typical grounding issue of the compressor makes it overloaded with electricity. When it happens, the compressor needs to be replaced. When you summon the professionals offering fridge repairs in St Marys, they will check the compressor with a multimeter and see if the compressor needs to be replaced or just a repair will do.

Malfunctioning Defroster Heater

If you have a refrigerator with a freezer, it has to have a defrost heater. This heater will ideally turn on and melt down the frost and then drain away the water. Just like the compressor the defrost heater can trip the circuit breaker as and when there is overload.

A Fan With a Flaw

The fan of a refrigerator circulates the cold air generated in the fridge down to the fresh food section. Again, as and when the fan overloads the circuit breaker will break because of it. Again, the professionals conducting fridge repairs in Sydney will do whatever it takes to see what precisely is wrong with the issue.

So in all these cases, you need to hire a seasoned technician from Commercial Fridge Repairs. Call us at 0452 525 914 to book an appointment.