fridge losing coolant
A Bird’s Eye View on the Incident of Your Fridge Losing Coolant

Coolant plays a pivotal role in enhancing the functionality of a refrigerator. As the name implies, coolant is responsible for maintaining the ambient temperature inside the fridge.

It helps in balancing the internal temperature in which, the content of the fridge, including perishable foodstuff and beverage will not rot, fruits and vegetables will neither get spoiled nor lose their nutritional value.

However, trouble may arise when your refrigerator starts leaking coolant. When that happens, the appliances start losing their capacity to maintain the desired temperature, thereby resulting in rotting and spoiling of the foodstuff inside.

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When Does Coolant Leak Happen?

One good news is that coolant leak in refrigerators is a rare phenomenon. In fact, the majority of the modern-day fridges of reputed brands come up these days with durable lines and coils, which reduce the risk of these leaks.

However, with that being mentioned, there is no denial of the fact that any appliance that uses coolant may at times experience leaks, and that include new as well as old refrigerators.

One of the most frequent causes of coolant leakage in a refrigerator is the use of icepick by the users for chipping ice. In most cases, in your efforts to chip ice, you inadvertently pierce the coils with the icepick, thereby triggering off the coolant leak.

That is why it is always a better idea to remove the larger ice blocks from the freezer before you break them into smaller pieces.

Besides, leakage may also happen when the coils get ruptured with time due to erosion. This generally happens due to normal wear and tear of the old refrigerators. I
n any case, at the first sign of coolant leakage, you must summon reputed names that are into fridge repairs in Penrith and other cities.

How to Detect a Coolant Leakage?

This last part of the previous point takes us to this obvious question – how to detect a coolant leakage? It is essential to note at this juncture, that coolant is a gas.

Hence, whenever it is released, it will generate a hissing sound, which can be compared to the sound of air passing at high speed through a nozzle or hose.

This is the most obvious sign of coolant leakage. Therefore, mind the sounds that your refrigerator generates while it functions.

The Corrective Measures…

When it comes to addressing the issue of coolant leakage, the refrigerator needs to be refilled with enough coolant once again. However, it will not solve the problem permanently. You need to locate and have the leak fixed and only then, refilling the fridge with coolant will work.

This is when you need to summon a reputed company, which carries out domestic fridge repairs in Sydney. The technicians of these companies would come up with evasive measures to plug in the leakage after detecting it, and then refill the fridge with coolant to see off the issue.

Therefore, if your fridge is failing to keep your foodstuff, fruits and vegetables fresh, and if you think that your fridge is losing coolant, it is high time to call a fridge repair company. What better name can you opt for than Commercial Fridge Repairs? With reasonable experience under our belt, we will provide you with some highly effective service that will fix the issue in a jiffy.

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