common problems that plague a restaurant refrigerator
Common Problems that Plague a Restaurant Refrigerator

Refrigerators do not run for infinity, no matter how good they are, and how reputed their brand is. They are bound to pose problems – sooner or later and it is up to the owners to deal with them with promptness to limit the damage. Now, when we speak about problems in a fridge, the focus ought to shift to commercial refrigerators, more so, the ones used in restaurants. The reason is obvious – these appliances are subject to more rigours than any of their counterparts anywhere else.

Indeed, most of the service calls that we at Commercial Fridge Repairs receive are from the restaurants, though service calls from other places like hotels, offices and the domestic sectors are quite regular. And indeed, irrespective of the industry, it is imperative to guarantee that the commercial refrigerator operates safely and efficiently. Still, in this chapter, we will focus on the problems that are faced specifically by those used in restaurants and hotels. Fridges used there are prone to a wide range of issues, and for those with hardly any knowledge of how to counter them, keeping the fridges operational becomes a daunting task.

Hence, here is a sneak peek into some of the issues faced by refrigerators used in restaurants.

Loud Running Sound

Refrigerators used in restaurants at one point in time start producing a loud noise when they run. Refrigerator equipment generally incorporates motors, a compressor, fans, and various other mechanical spare parts. Thus, loud running noise indicates issues with all or at least some of the equipment. When that happens, it is high time to call a seasoned commercial refrigeration mechanic, who will be able to ascertain the cause of the sound and fix it.

Failure to Maintain the Designated Temperature

There are times when these fridges lose the ability to hold on to the designated temperatures for long. As a result of which, the interiors fail to get adequately chilled. This may result either from a leak or from a malfunctioning compressor or faulty door seals. It may also be the fallout of a manual error or a thermostat that has gone out of order. It is for the summoned mechanic to find out the exact root cause behind the issue and repair the restaurant refrigeration unit quickly.

Excessive Growth of Ice or Frost

At times, the presence of frost and ice becomes a pain area for the users of these commercial refrigerators. The reason being, accumulation of too much ice and frost, and that is not a very healthy sign. As the mechanism inside a fridge is designed to keep things cool, it is normal for it to grow ice inside. However, too much ice indicates that there is a leakage somewhere or there is poor air circulation inside. Again, the onus is on to the fridge mechanic to ascertain the cause of this issue and make amends.

Machine Failure After Transportation

Refrigerators that are used in restaurants are often transported from one business unit to another to meet business needs. This is one reason, why they at times go for a toss. When they are transported in a wrong way, for instance lying down or in an upside-down position, there is a probability of the lubricant to spill out of the compressor and get into the cooling pipes. This may adversely affect the compressor. Again, if the appliance is switched on immediately after being kept lying on its side for long during the transit, it may damage the compressor.

So you see, there are so many problems that a refrigerator meant for a restaurant can run into. What better name can you look for than Commercial Fridge Repairs, to summon a fridge repair mechanic in Sydney from than us?

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